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Colorado is one of the most severe weather-prone states in the US. Locals know that hail season extends from April to September. If your roof sustains damage from extreme weather, an insurance policy should be there to cover it.

As a property owner, you know the importance of knowing a roofer with dedication and quality workmanship. PRQ specializes not only in dealing with storm damage but also in the insurance claims process as well. For years, our employees been evaluating storm-damaged roofs and prioritizing honesty and integrity to get our clients’ insurance claims approved.

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Denver Area Roofing Insurance Claims

After a storm has blown through, you might be worried about your roof’s condition. Storm damage can compromise the integrity and performance of a roof. Being one of the most fundamental assets of your home, you don’t want to wait until your roof experiences a catastrophic failure before you take action. While minor issues may seem small at first, they can quickly grow larger if left unchecked.

A roof’s failure in performance can endanger you and your family’s safety. Knowing that you have compromised roofing can affect your comfort while living inside your own home. Having solid insurance coverage can be the difference between constant worry and peace of mind when it comes to your roof.

PRQ Exteriors is a residential roofing contractor that possesses the employees and expertise to make filing claims for roofing insurance a breeze. Our team of professionals can take care of all the details and documentation necessary to file your claim successfully. We’ll save you headaches and countless hours dealing with your insurance company and help you get back to normalcy with your home.

Hail and Storm Damage Concerns

Colorado, along with other mountain states, experiences their fair share of inclement weather. Severe weather events in these parts of the country tend to leave significant property damage in their wake. Every year, major hailstorms cause $8 billion to $14 billion in damages and financial losses throughout the United States. When hailstone sizes go above the 1-inch “safe zone,” they can start to cause serious damage. If you’re living in a hail-prone area, having a good understanding of your homeowner’s insurance policy lets you know what’ll be covered if you suffer hail storm damage. 

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Will My Insurance Cover the Roofing Damage That I Have?

Hail damage insurance coverage is common in the state of Colorado. If your roof has been damaged during a hailstorm, your homeowner’s insurance should have it covered one way or another. When filing a claim, an insurance adjuster will assess the damage. It’s also important to have a trusted roofing contractor inspect your roof as well to provide an accurate quote.

If the damage is “functional” (meaning it can compromise your roof’s performance and endanger your property), it would be considered as a perfectly valid claim for insurance compensation. If the damage is classified only as cosmetic – only altering the roof’s appearance and not its function, your insurer may exempt it from the coverage on your insurance plan. Make sure that you understand what kinds of damage your homeowner’s policy covers when filing for your claim.


How to Assess a Roof for Storm Damage

After a storm has passed, you can always check for damages left in its wake. You can look for signs such as fallen shingles, siding dents, and pierced holes seen from your attic. If you see everyone in your neighborhood getting their roofs inspected or repaired after a strong weather event, chances are your roof wasn’t an exception, and you also need to get it checked.

Will Filing An Insurance Claim Raise My Premiums or Rates?

Watch the video below featuring PRQ Exteriors owner discussing the important question of  “how will filing a home insurance claim for roofing damage impact my insurance premiums?”

The Insurance Roofing Claim Process 

Dealing with insurance claims can be stressful, and for many homeowners, it can be a confusing process as well. At PRQ, we are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship and peace of mind for every client in the most convenient and inexpensive way possible. Our team of insurance professionals can expertly handle your claim for fast approval and payment.

PRQ ensures that every claim is handled efficiently by following these simple, but practical, steps: 

  • Conduct a complete roof and exterior inspection, taking inventory of each damaged area
  • Provide an evaluation video regarding the extent of the damage 
  • After performing inspections, we’ll thoroughly review your policy and connection with the insurer
  • Give a comprehensive and detailed explanation of insurance costs concerning storm damage coverage vs. natural wear and tear
  • Damage characteristics such as measurements, dimensions, colors, and other particulars are provided to your insurance company, along with high-quality photos
  • If a claim is denied, we’ll help you in appeals
  • We’ll do follow-ups to make sure that the insurance company appropriately compensates you
  • After a claim is successful, we’ll begin conducting the repairs 

PRQ was great to work with. I almost didn’t have them even inspect my roof because despite clear hail damage on my window screens another roofer said they didn’t see any shingle damage. PQR inspected and brought the photos to show me and my insurance company. Then they did the work of coordinating with my insurance company. Unlike some companies they didn’t claim that they could rebate my deductible, but they did commit to doing the work and ensuring my cost was only my deductible. They have lived up to that commitment. They also coordinated the removal and reinstalling of my solar panels, including expediting the roof inspection with the city to get my panels back on and producing.
I highly recommend PRQ!

Joe G., 2021

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What Type of Inspection is Required? 

After an inspector examines your roof and determines the extent of the damages, the next thing to do is to file for homeowner’s insurance as early as possible. After providing your intent, an insurance adjuster will assess the damages on behalf of the insurance company and put together an estimate. 

Get a Roofing Inspection from a Trusted Roofing Company 

PRQ conducts free roof inspections aimed to accurately evaluate damages, especially after violent storms. Our trained employees will pinpoint any weaknesses, trouble spots, or leaks on any type of roof!

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Make a Claim with Your Insurance

After a thorough inspection, we’ll make sure you get your insurance claim approved to compensate for the needed repairs.

Most claims in the insurance business have set deadlines and can only be filed within a certain amount of time. You can always get in touch with your insurance provider to verify the time frame to submit the claim.

The insurance claim process can be pretty overwhelming, especially when a homeowner is entirely foreign to the ins and outs of getting approved. We’ll take the pain out of the roofing insurance claims process, so all you have to do is sit tight while we prepare everything for you.


We Work Closely with Customers & Insurance Adjusters

When you work with us, you can be sure that you’ll get the right representation. Our trusted expertise in assessing conditions and providing accurate roofing quotes will leave you with the assurance that your claim will be accepted in no time. We understand that not every customer is familiar with the claims process, which is why we carefully explain every detail and layout all the necessary information to make sure that you’re fully aware of your rights as a policyholder.

We have licensed insurance adjusters on staff to make sure you receive all the storm restoration coverage you are entitled to. A member of our team will be on site for all appointments with your adjuster, ensuring that your interests are properly served during all home evaluations.

Once the insurance coverage is taken care of, PRQ Exteriors can begin repairs to your home. We will serve as your full-service exterior contractors, handling all necessary repairs and replacements as quickly as possible.


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Choosing the Right Insurance Roofing Specialists

If your roof has sustained damage, something as crucial as getting approved for insurance shouldn’t be a burden. Our trusted insurance roofing specialists are thoroughly equipped with the necessary knowledge and training to assist in your claim approval.

Schedule a Roof Replacement or Repair

After a successful claim has been made, the next step is to begin the necessary roof repair and replacement. PRQ is one of the top-rated residential roofing contractors in the state of Colorado. We take pride in our stellar track record of satisfied clients. Our extensive list of services provides the most cost-efficient way of getting your roofing back in top condition. Our team of experienced roofers is known for their professionalism and timeliness on the job site.

Licensed Insurance Adjustors in Roofing

If you want to have a second professional opinion, you can always hire a public insurance adjuster. Public adjusters are licensed professionals hired by a claimant (rather than the insurer) to obtain the highest possible compensation from the insurer. If the damage your roof has sustained is proven to be very costly, or if you need a full replacement, a third party adjuster could help process the settlement.

Trust Your Roofing Insurance Claim to Our Team

While having a team of experienced, professional roofers is a must, a true reliable roofing company doesn’t only provide exceptional workmanship. It should also have your back when it comes to making sure that your insurance claim gets timely approval. PRQ has been helping Colorado homeowners get insurance claims approved since 2014. If you’re ready to file your claim, contact us today, and we’ll have our team of insurance experts begin the process right away. We always go above and beyond to make sure that your claim gets approved in a timely fashion so you can finally start getting your roof back in shape.



PRQ Exteriors Has Your Back

When it comes to dealing with your insurance company for any sort of property repair, the process can be daunting. You may be asking yourself questions such as:

  • Will my insurance cover the damage I have?
  • What type of inspection is required?
  • How much will I be forced to pay out of pocket?

These questions may be stopping you from taking action on repairs, only delaying the inevitable and aggravating existing damage. At PRQ Exteriors, we understand these fears, which is why we take care of all insurance communications for you. We make filing an insurance claim and getting your Denver roof repair underway as simple as possible.

Have PRQ Exteriors Evaluate Your Home’s Roofing

Our licensed and insured team of contractors is available to serve the greater Denver area in a timely and professional manner, seven days a week. A complimentary roof evaluation is the first step towards securing your home and preventing long-lasting negative consequences.

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