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Colorado roofs endure a lot throughout the seasons, so they need to be prepared to handle the worst. For residents and business owners in Lafayette, Colorado, there is no doubt that"¯PRQ Exteriors"¯has the trusted professionals to turn to for all of their roofing needs. With decades of combined experience repairing and installing roofs across Colorado and the Denver metro area,"¯PRQ"¯has the expertise and experience to make your project easy, affordable, and built to the highest standards."¯

Roofing Services in Lafayette

At"¯PRQ Exteriors,"¯we cover all of the major roofing services your home or business could need. We also offer a top-notch roofing maintenance program designed to take some of the worries and stress away from homeownership. We're also professionals when it comes to commercial roofing as well! Our roofing solutions recognize that every business has its own needs and goals and are designed to help your building's roof serve its maximum potential.

Your Home May Have Been Affected by Recent Hail Storms

Your home may have been in the direct path of the recent destructive hailstorms that hit Lafayette, CO from May 9-10, 2023! Now’s the time to check your roof for hail damage. Untreated hail damage can cause long-term structural problems to your roof, potentially costing you a fortune to fix down the road.

Thankfully, PRQ Exteriors is here to help! We specialize in comprehensive roof inspections and repairs. We will work closely with you to assess the damage and provide a free, detailed estimate.

If we find damage, we will help you file an insurance claim and manage the process to ensure you get the coverage you deserve. Once your claim is approved by your insurance company, our Lafayette roofing contractors will expertly repair or replace your roof, ensuring your home is restored to its pre-storm condition or better!

Lafayette, CO Residential Hail Damage Impact Map May 9-10, 2023

Roofing Repairs for Hail Damage

Storms are a frequent occurrence throughout Colorado summers, and when they show up, they can take their toll. Hail, wind, and other debris can all cause incredible amounts of damage to a roof, from small punctures that leak to complete structural failures and beyond. Repairing hail damage starts with an inspection, during which a roofer will physically climb onto your roof and inspect it from top to bottom, taking note of any damaged areas. From there, we'll create a damage report and provide an estimate for repairs, so you know exactly what the damage is and what it will take to fix it.

Inspections for Storm Damaged Roofing

When inspecting a roof for possible signs of hail damage, it's essential to be as thorough as possible. Small tears in asphalt shingles can let just enough water in to start mold growth and rot, so a keen eye for detail is needed throughout. Our experienced professionals know where to look and what to look for, so you can rest assured that if there's damage to find, they'll find it."¯

Roofing Insurance Claim Specialists in Colorado

One of the most stressful elements of repairing storm damage is working with an insurance company. The claims process can often be confusing, and we want to make sure that you get every dollar your policy entitles you to. That's why"¯PRQ Exteriors"¯is known for our depth of insurance knowledge and industry insight. We'll work with you through every step of the claims process to ensure you get what you're paying for."¯

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PRQ Exteriors sets the standard for roofing companies in Lafayette, CO, by providing quality roofing services and excellent customer service. Since 2014, homeowners and business owners in Lafayette turn to us for trusted, professional roof repairs, replacement, and storm restoration. Use the form below to schedule a free roof evaluation today. 

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Residential Roofing – Lafayette, CO

From a careful analysis of storm damage to a point-by-point quote for a roof replacement, residential roofing requires its own particular brand of expertise. We offer comprehensive roofing services for your home, including repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance programs. The professionals at"¯PRQ use only the most trusted and proven roofing materials for our projects, so you can trust that we will build your roof to last. When it comes to residential roofing,"¯PRQ"¯ has you covered!

Repairs for Leaking Roofs and Storm Damage

After a significant storm, damage to your roof can lead to leaks, mold, rot, and structural damage. Your roof must be examined by a professional as soon as possible, especially if you can spot visible signs of damage. Once a qualified roofer has been out for an inspection, they can offer expert advice on what repairs are needed. We're no strangers to the intense weather Colorado has to offer, so we know a thing or two about repairing storm-damaged roofing in Lafayette.

Complete Roof Replacement and Installation

As your roof ages and the shine wears off, it might be getting time to consider a complete replacement. Most experts recommend replacing asphalt shingled roofs every 15-30 years. Whether you're due for an upgrade or just want a fresh look and some added curb appeal,"¯PRQ"¯has a roofing solution for you. We offer complete roof installation or replacement packages, including extra options for new, more efficient seamless gutter systems and other add-ons."¯

Roofing Maintenance Programs for Your Home

Just as your car needs regular oil changes and tire rotations, your roof needs regular maintenance to keep it in good shape. If asphalt shingles are torn, flashing is damaged, or your gutters are clogged, more severe and long-lasting damage to your roof can develop."¯PRQ's"¯roofing maintenance program allows you to schedule regular check-ups by roofing experts who can notify you of any issues before they get worse.

Commercial Roofing in Lafayette, CO

Commercial roofing is a world all its own, with unique materials, installation methods, and techniques not often found in residential work. For many businesses, the roofing style their building has can play a significant role. For example, some roofs are designed to handle regular foot traffic. Others are made for maximum insulation, keeping the bills down for warehouses and production sites."¯PRQ"¯will work with your business to develop a solution unique to your needs. We specialize in repairing and replacing the styles of flat roofing common to most commercial properties."¯

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Lafayette Business Roofing Solutions

Every business has its own challenges and needs, especially when it comes to roofing. A consultation with the experts at"¯PRQ"¯can help straighten your focus and hone in on what roofing solutions will best fit your commercial property. Once we've got it narrowed down, you can let us take it from there. Whether you're looking for standard metal roofing or more unique solar solutions,"¯PRQ"¯Exteriors will install a product that you can trust has been designed from the bottom up to suit your roofing's best interests.

Flat Roofing Repair and Installation

Flat roofing comes in many varieties, from standard BUR designs to more modern "˜green roofing' systems. No matter the design, these roofs have to be built to handle the extremes of daily use, weather, and normal wear and tear. Repairing and installing flat roofing takes expertise that comes from years of training and experience."¯PRQ Exteriors"¯has been servicing flat roofs across Colorado since 2014, using methods and materials made to last. We consider roofing services as an investment that a customer makes, and we strive to make every last penny worth the effort."¯

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Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor in Lafayette, Colorado

When it comes to selecting a roofing contractor in Lafayette, CO, we know you've got lots of options. However, if you're looking for a top-rated, licensed, bonded, and insured roofing company known across Colorado for its expertise and commitment to a job well done, look no further than"¯PRQ Exteriors. At"¯PRQ, we take pride in our work and dedication to bringing Colorado's homeowners and business professionals the best roofing services we can provide.  

PRQ’s Local Experience

Since 2014, our local and professional contractors have served Lafayette and the surround communities with top-rated roofing solutions. We’ve come to know our clients and neighbors in Lafayette, and we take great pride in the excellent service we provide them with; even earning an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in the process! 

How Much Does Roofing Cost in Colorado?

We know that budgeting for a major roofing project can be stressful. PRQ helps by providing free estimates to all of our clients for any roofing projects we take on. In our best estimate, those looking to install an entirely new roofing system in Colorado should expect the bill to be around $8,500 to $14,500, depending on sizing, materials, labor costs, and more. For a more detailed estimate of your next roofing project, contact us today!

Want To See How Much It Would Cost To Replace Your Roof?

Try PRQ’s online roof replacement estimator! It’s quick, user-friendly, and best of all – completely free. Using satellite imagery, we will identify the dimensions of your roof and provide you with customization options to provide an instant personalized estimate. Click the button below and let PRQ help you protect your home with confidence.

About the Community of Lafayette, CO

With a population of around 30,000 residents, Lafayette is a quaint city in Boulder County. Its history lies in coal mining, dating back all the way to the 1880’s when it was founded by Mary E. Miller. Today, Lafayette boasts popular outdoor recreation spots, such as Waneka Lake and its surrounding wildlife refuge. PRQ, as a locally-owned and operated contractor, is proud to serve the residents of Lafayette and beyond with top-rated roofing services.

PRQ’s Expansive Service Area

PRQ Exteriors offers commercial and residential roofing services throughout the state of Colorado. Check out some of our local service areas:

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