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PRQ Exteriors is a top-rated roofing company located in Applewood, Colorado, serving residents in the greater Denver area. Our expert roofing contractors are trained to handle all residential or commercial roofing services, including repairs, inspections, replacements, installations, construction, and more.

Roofing Services in Applewood

At PRQ Exteriors, we specialize in providing quality roofing services for Applewood homeowners and businesses. Our experienced team of contractors are fully qualified to ensure your property is safe, secure, and up to code. PRQ Exteriors provides roofing solutions that will provide lasting results and quality you can count on.

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PRQ Exteriors sets the standard for roofing companies in the Applewood, CO by providing quality roofing services and excellent customer service. Since 2014, homeowners and business owners in Applewood turn to us for trusted, professional roof repairs, replacement, and storm restoration. Use the form below to schedule a free roof evaluation today.

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Residential Roofing – Applewood, CO

PRQ Exteriors is prepared to handle all your home roofing needs. Our team will work with you step-by-step to ensure you receive quality and affordable residential roofing services. We train our contractors and administrative teams on the importance of quality customer service, and your satisfaction is our utmost priority.


Leaks and Storm Damage Roofing Repairs

As many Applewood residents can attest to, Colorado weather can be unpredictable and often causes damage to our property. Left unchecked, a leaky roof can cause catastrophic damage to the structural integrity of a home and ruin personal belongings. Our team is trained and equipped to immediately respond to roof leaks and storm damage to your home.


Complete Roof Replacement and Installation

Replacing the roof on a home is a difficult and costly decision. Thankfully, our team of expert contractors will assess your property and provide accurate and dependable cost estimates regarding the damage to your roof. We train our team to accurately evaluate storm damage that can be covered by your insurance so that you can feel confident when filing a roofing insurance claim with your roof replacement estimate.

If a complete roofing replacement is necessary to protect the structural integrity of your house we will provide the best roofing services for your home. We partner with top-quality suppliers for a variety of looks, color options, and benefits with roofing tiles or shingles.

Commercial Roofing – Applewood, CO

Commercial properties rely on safe and secure roofing to protect property owners and their businesses. PRQ Exteriors provides a variety of services for commercial properties. We specialize in commercial roof repairs, replacements, installations, and more. We will work with you to find a cost-effective solution for your business’s roofing needs.

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Denver Commercial Flat Roofing Repairs

Flat Roofing Maintenance and Installation

Many businesses prefer flat roofing, as it is cost-effective and allows building owners to maximize their space. Flat roofing also allows for environmentally conscious options, such as solar panel installation. PRQ Exteriors has vast experience when it comes to installing and caring for commercial flat roofing systems. 

Roof Maintenance Programs

PRQ Exteriors is Applewood's trusted roofing contractor for regular roof inspections. We will routinely evaluate your roof’s condition to catch and fix roofing problems in their earliest stages. Routine inspections and maintenance are integral steps for lowering potential damage and minimizing repair costs for your property. 

Hail Damaged Roofing Repairs

Life in Applewood, Colorado, can be brutal during winter and the early spring hail season. Harsh weather brings an assortment of challenges that can damage your roof. At PRQ Exteriors, we offer several solutions to assess and repair any damage with long-lasting weather-resistant shingles or tiles. We provide insurance roofing specialists to answer questions and help maximize the value of your insurance claim. We provide many options for your roofing installation, using quality materials and shingles, which provide weather resistance and minimize future repair work.  

Hail Damage Inspections and Storm Restoration Roofing

At PRQ Exteriors, we design our roofing solutions to extend the life of your property’s roof and minimize the need for maintenance repairs. After a storm, you may notice signs of damage, such as water spots inside the property and missing or shifted shingles. If you believe your property sustained damage due to extreme weather, PRQ Exteriors can provide an immediate evaluation to assess any damage. Not all structural damage, especially from hailstorms, is visible to the untrained eye, so give us a call to put your mind at ease! 


Roofing Insurance Claim Expertise in Colorado

Figuring out how to utilize insurance to maximize your claim benefit is a daunting task for many people, especially in times of emergency and disaster. That is why PRQ Exteriors brings the experts to you. We have a team of experienced claim specialists ready to answer any questions and provide a more seamless line of communication with your insurance agency. Many property and homeowner insurance policies cover roof replacement and damage due to unforeseen circumstances, but it can be challenging to file these claims without experience. Our experts will guide you through these steps with care and compassion. It's our mission to make the process of dealing with these challenges easy for our clients. 

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Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor in Applewood, Colorado

PRQ Exteriors is an established and trusted roofing company in the Denver metro area. We have a history of long-term customer satisfaction and repeat business. As your Applewood neighbor, our goal is to see other community members flourish with safe roofing solutions they can rely on.   

PRQ’s Wide Service Area

PRQ provides our comprehensive residential and commercial roofing services to an array of Colorado cities. Check out some other service areas below:

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