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Has a recent storm damaged your home or business? The harsh weather coming down from the Rocky Mountains brings hail, snow, ice, and strong winds that can damage your roof and exterior of your property. From widespread damage to unseen damage below the surface, it is essential to check your roof after a major storm.

PRQ Exteriors has put together this helpful guide so that you know how to restore your house or building after a storm properly. This article's information will help you evaluate if you need to take action after a storm and the next step to take. You can refer back to this information in the future as a checklist for anytime a big storm comes through the Denver area.

What to Expect After a Storm

The intensity of the storm will often be an indicator of the level of damage. High winds can blow debris onto your roof, with everything from small branches to larger tree limbs hitting its surface. Even a single strong gust of wind can lift and curl shingles in a way that risks the weatherproofing of the roof. Hailstorms that hurl 1-inch balls of ice at the exterior of your house can leave dents, break shingles, and cause more severe damage. How much hail damage is done will depend on the roofing materials, quality of installation, and specifics of the storm (such as wind speed, hail size or density, and angle of impact).

Note: Standard roofing materials and shingles are rated to withstand average weather and winds up to 60mph. Above that range, unless you have shingles and roofing materials designed for intense weather and winds, your roof may be more likely to be damaged. PRQ Exteriors offers roofing solutions that are designed to withstand even the harshest storms.

The damage from a storm may not always be visible from the ground or with the naked, untrained eye. If you suspect that damage may have occurred, it is a good idea to contact a trusted roofing company to inspect and evaluate your roof. PRQ Exteriors offers FREE post-storm roof evaluations to identify any potential issues.

We will send a licensed roof inspector armed with a detailed checklist, advanced technology (including a drone for aerial imaging), and years of experience. The inspector will then review the findings and show you documented images of any storm damage on the roof and exterior of your property. From there, we will help you decide if it makes sense to file an insurance claim for the storm damage so that we can work together to get your roof repaired or completely replaced. 

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Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

If your roof has extensive damage after a storm, it's often effective to file a claim to get your roof repairs or replacement expenses covered by the insurance company. PRQ Exteriors helps homeowners and businesses by managing the insurance claim process from start to finish. Our team has insurance specialists who have successfully navigated the insurance claim process hundreds of times and worked with every major home insurance agency in the Denver area. 

We want to make this process as stress-free and easy for you as possible. Our inspectors are certified and licensed, so most claims are approved by the insurance company without additional inspections. If your insurance provider wants to verify with an independent inspector, we will coordinate and participate so that nothing is missed or overlooked. Our job is to get the claim approved so that the only amount you have to pay is the deductible. 

The sooner you can involve PRQ Exteriors and your homeowner's insurance provider, the better, so you can quickly file a well-documented claim and based on the insurance policy requirements.


Note: The property owner must pay the deductible for an insurance policy; it can't be discounted or rebated by any contractor. A Colorado law explicitly outlines the procedures for insurance deductibles for property restoration. The 2012 Colorado State Senate Bill (12-038) states, "Prohibiting roofing contractors from paying, waiving, rebating, or promising to pay, waive, or rebate all or part of any insurance deductible applicable to an insurance claim made to the property owner's property and casualty insurer for payment for roofing work."

How to Assess a Roof for Storm Damage

After you experience severe weather, you should first assess the damage and document any potential issues. As you look at the roof and exterior, you may be able to check for common signs of storm damage. But, the general quality of roofing products and shingles has improved over the years, so you may not be able to see defects from the ground. It may be necessary to check the condition from on top of the roof or at least from a window with closer visibility.

If you're not a roofing expert, we recommend calling in a professional roofer for a comprehensive inspection. Licensed contractors, like PRQ Exteriors, know how to safely look for roof damage and offer free roof inspections and evaluations.

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Cracked or Missing Shingles

Check your roof for missing shingles, cracks, dents, punctures, and curling. Properly installed shingles are overlapped to create a watertight seal. Any damage to the shingles can eventually lead to leaks in the roof that can cause interior issues and more costly damage.

Interior Ceiling Water Spots

Severe storms can be identified by water spots on the ceiling or in interior spaces such as attics. If this happens, make sure to place a bucket or garbage can under the leaks to catch drips and remove any valuables to limit any further interior damage. For severe water damage, emergency roofing services may be needed to repair and waterproof the area immediately.

Standing Water

If you have standing water on the roof in a flat or uneven area, it is a warning sign for drainage issues. Clogged gutters and downspouts can also cause water and moisture to seep through and penetrate the underlayment or the roofing.

Excessive Dents

After a hail storm, it is vital to check for dents, which are a sign of potentially deeper issues extensively. Look over your shingles, gutters, siding, overhangs, and window frames for a series of dents or divots. If you see a distinct pattern of round-shaped dents on any part of the exterior, you should schedule a free roofing evaluation with a licensed contractor.

Denver Area Specialists in Storm Damage Roofing Repairs

Deciding to repair or replace your property's roof is not a choice to make lightly. You want to get a detailed and thorough condition report for your roof; this is necessary for creating a personalized plan for repairing the roof. PRQ Exteriors has a team of roofing experts that can help you from start to finish. We understand the best roofing materials for houses and commercial buildings and provide you with the best long-term value and safety. You'll also have warranty options from the material manufacturers and for our installation so that you know we will stand behind our work for years to come.

Since most storm-related damage is not obvious, we recommend having a licensed roof inspector from the PRQ Exteriors team come out to your home or business for a free inspection. If there is property damage, we will work directly with your insurance adjuster to get you the insurance coverage you deserve to restore your property like new.

Depending on your insurance coverage and the extent of the damage, you'll be able to receive a payment to cover either the roofing and exterior cost or the replacement cost of the entire roof. That means that you'll only have to pay for the insurance deductible – and claims from natural damage won't raise your rates! Call our storm damage roofing repair and restoration experts for a free evaluation or ask us any questions. (303) 214-0703

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