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Do you live in Woodland Park, Colorado, or the surrounding areas? Are you looking for a local roofing contractor you can trust? Look no further; with PRQ Exteriors, you won't get better, friendlier, or more efficient service! Our team of well-trained, dedicated, and experienced roofers and contractors is ready to provide you with a beautiful roof that is up-to-code and safe for families and businesses. 

Take a look at the service offerings we provide to residents and business owners in Woodland Park below.

Roofing Services in Woodland Park

With a job as big as roof repair or installation, you want to work with a contractor that knows what they are doing! Our professional team at PRQ Exteriors has nearly a decade of experience under their belt, providing customers with reliable roofing systems since 2014. 

We work hard to ensure your roof is safe and durable and will protect your property for years to come!

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PRQ Exteriors sets the standard for roofing companies in Colorado by providing quality roofing services and excellent customer service built on great communication. Since 2014, homeowners and business owners in Woodland Park turn to us for trusted, professional roof repairs, replacement, and storm restoration. Use the form below to schedule a free roofing evaluation today.

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Residential Roofing

Are you in need of a new roof on your family home or maybe a simple repair? PRQ Exteriors has you covered! We provide an array of services from maintenance to a totally new installation, giving you unbeatable results that will last. 

Repairs for Leaks and Storm Damage

Do you have buckets sitting on your kitchen floor catching water drops every time it rains?"¯ Or is the damage concentrated on the outside of your roof, where shingles have been torn off and thrown around? 

We will go the distance to make sure you get affordable and reliable repairs that can save you a ton of money in the long run, ensuring that the problem area is fixed and can't produce further water damage to your home. Not only will we fix roofing problems, but we will do a thorough inspection to ensure the damage isn't deeper than first anticipated, keeping you from paying for future repairs!

Complete Roof Installation or Replacement

If spot repairs just won't do, you have an old roof that doesn't have much life left, or you are building a new home, PRQ can provide complete roofing installations as well. 

Our top-rated professionals have tons of knowledge and experience in designing and installing the perfect roof for each specific home. We can work with an array of roofing material options in order to install a new, durable, and safe roof for any home shape and size. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

Roofing Maintenance Programs for Your Home

Once you have the roof of your dreams, we want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible living under it. Here at PRQ Exteriors, we offer a great maintenance package for residential homes all throughout Woodland Park, Colorado, and the surrounding areas.  

What is involved in routine roof maintenance? 

  • "¯ "¯ "¯ "¯ Routine inspections
  • "¯ "¯ "¯ "¯ Cleaning of gutters and drain baskets
  • "¯ "¯ "¯ "¯ Inspection reports
  • "¯ "¯ "¯ "¯ Debris removal

We can ensure your roof is robust and ready to take on Winter storms with our trusted maintenance routines.

Commercial Roofing Services

Our company doesn't stop at residential homes. Our crew is also highly experienced in commercial roofing and repairs as well! 

Keep your customers and clients safe and secure with the best roof possible for your business. We have all the roofing materials needed to handle complete commercial installations and repairs, from TPO to BUR, EPDM, and more! Contact us today for more information and a free commercial roofing estimate.

commercial roofing
TPO commercial materials

Flat Roofing Solutions for Your Woodland Park Business

We realize many commercial buildings in the area have flat roofs with little to no angles."¯ These level roofs can be complex for some companies to cover, but not PRQ Exteriors. Our team of professionals knows all about flat roofing and has the supplies and expertise to handle each project with ease! 

Hail Damage Roofing

Hail is a roof's worst enemy, leaving holes and broken shingles in its wake. A roof inspection after a hailstorm is a must to ensure any damage that occurred is dealt with immediately, preventing further damage from happening! 

Roof damage resulting from hail is rather common in Colorado, encouraging people to invest in insurance coverage for their home's roofing. If you have hail coverage on your home or business, we will work with your insurance provider in order to maximize your claim.

Roofing Insurance Claims Experts in Colorado

Dealing with insurance companies to get the coverage you deserve can be extremely difficult. Rest assured, you don't have to go it alone! PRQ Exteriors is equipped to handle insurance companies and help you navigate the claims process in order to get the most out of your policy. 

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Partner with a Trusted Roofer in Woodland Park

Put your home or business in the hands of a trusted, locally-owned roofing contractor. Our company isn't only about providing a service; we are about providing peace of mind. PRQ Exteriors strives to ensure you feel safe in your space and love the way your roof looks. 

Don't just go with any old company; choose a local business that takes pride in what they do for a community they love!

Our Experience with Roofing in Colorado

If you live in the state of Colorado, you may have already heard about our company since we have developed an excellent reputation with our local community. 

Our top-rated roofing company has nearly a decade of experience roofing in Colorado communities across the state. We take great pride in our outstanding reviews and carry an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as a contractor certification from GAF. For a local contractor who knows the ins and outs of roofing in the Centennial State, contact PRQ today!

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

We understand that budgeting for a brand-new roof can be stressful. With so many variables going into a roofing project, it can be tough to know what it all will cost! On average in Colorado, homeowners spend anywhere from $8,500 – $14,500 on a full roof installation, depending on the size of the property, materials used, and the roof’s accessibility. PRQ offers free estimates on all of our roofing projects so property owners know exactly what solutions will fit their needs and budget – contact us today!

Want To See How Much It Would Cost To Replace Your Roof?

Try PRQ’s online roof replacement estimator! It’s quick, user-friendly, and best of all – completely free. Using satellite imagery, we will identify the dimensions of your roof and provide you with customization options to provide an instant personalized estimate. Click the button below and let PRQ help you protect your home with confidence.

About Woodland Park, CO

Known as the “City Above the Clouds”, Woodland Park is best known for its amazing town views of famous Pike’s Peak. With a population of around 8,000, Woodland Park hosts various events throughout the year, and boasts plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. If you’re in need of professional roofing solutions in Woodland Park, reach out to our team with PRQ today!

PRQ’s Expansive Service Area

PRQ Exteriors brings our extensive knowledge of roofing systems to many different areas of Colorado. Check out some of our other service areas below:

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