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For many homeowners, regular roof maintenance is the last thing on their minds. Whether you're moving into a new home or have lived there for years, when it’s working properly, your roof can fade into the background. While roof damage will most likely not result in a water leak, ignoring the condition of your roof can cause problems down the line.

General home inspections will often catch damage to a roof. Usually, a more in-depth evaluation from a professional roofing company is needed. To make things worse, your insurance company can reject your claim for damages caused by roof leaks or other problems if your adjustor learns you didn't keep up regular maintenance on your roof.    

A lack of documented inspection history can also give roofing companies reason to deny a warranty claim. Therefore, having your roof evaluated regularly is essential for the health of your roof and to protect you from having to pay thousands of dollars in repairs out-of-pocket.

When to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Most roofing experts agree that you should inspect your roof, gutters, and chimneys annually; and immediately following a severe weather event. Roofs in Colorado face extreme weather throughout the winter season and during hailstorms in Spring and Summer. That's why PRQ Exteriors offers free roof inspections to our past customers and new customers. These preventative evaluations are meant to provide homeowners with peace of mind and identify any repairs early on, before any symptoms become visible inside your home.  


Note: In addition to the recommended annual inspection, many roofing companies recommend having an inspection done following a significant storm or when damage to the roof is apparent. 

Immediately After A Storm

After a significant hail storm, we invite homeowners to contact PRQ Exteriors to schedule a free roof inspection by one of experienced roofing pros. Many inspections will result in a “clean bill of health” providing hoemowners with peace of mind. But, your roof takes a lot of punishment during storms and our pros will identify any repairs that should be addressed. PRQ Exteriors’ roofing pros will help you take action quickly after a storm. 

When Buying A House 

Are you buying a home? As a new homeowner, it's critical to have the roof of your new home inspected for damage, wear, or any other surprises. The worst time to discover the roof of your new home has a leak no one told you about is in the middle of a storm. A free roof inspection gives peace of mind to new home buyers.

Experienced realtors recommend asking for proof of inspection and certification from the seller before buying a new home. Asking for evidence of certification benefits both parties.

When Selling A Home 

Are you planning to sell your home in the next few years? As a seller, having proof your roof has been inspected and is in good shape adds value to your property.

The buyer’s home inspector almost always starts their inspection on the roof because this is the most expensive maintenance item on a home. In most cases, if an inspector identifies any repairs, the buyer to request the seller address the repairs prior to closing, or reduce the sale price of the home by a proportionate amount.

A seller who can prove the roof is in good condition adds value to their property by providing assurance to the buyers that they won't have hefty roof repair bills after their purchase.

Timing Is Critical

If you’re able to file an insurance claim for your home repairs, most insurance companies require the claim be filed within 12 months from the “date of loss” or the date of the storm event.

Contact the trusted roofing pros at PRQ Exteriors to learn more about the insurance process and schedule a free roof inspection today!

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PRQ Exteriors specializes in comprehensive roof inspections and repairs due to storm damage. We will work closely with homeowners to identify any repairs and provide a free inspection report. We are your local roofing and storm repair experts with more than 200+ 5-Star reviews on Google.

If we find damage to your roof and other personal property (window screens, gutters, fencing, etc.), we help our customers file an insurance claim and manage the entire process to ensure you get the maximum coverage, ensuring your home is restored to its pre-storm condition or better!

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