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For residents living in Lakewood, CO, finding the right roofer for your home or business can be a difficult proposition. With all the different roofers and contractors out there, the right roofer will likely be the one that is best in tune with your specific needs. 

PRQ Exteriors is a trusted and reliable roofing contractor in Lakewood. We’ve been serving Coloradans since 2014 and offer complimentary roofing inspections so that your roof can get back to top shape as quickly as possible! 

Roofing Services in Lakewood

PRQ offers comprehensive residential and commercial roofing solutions for your property. From storm damage restoration to flat roof installation for your business, our team of experienced contractors takes pride in getting the job done right. 

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PRQ Exteriors sets the standard for roofing companies in the Denver area by providing quality roofing services and excellent customer service built on great communication. Since 2014, homeowners and business owners in Lakewood turn to us for trusted, professional roof repairs, replacement, and storm restoration. Use the form below to schedule a free roofing evaluation today.

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    Residential Roofing

    The two most common types of damage that occur to a residential roof are leaks and shingle or tile cracks. Leaks can usually be detected by the fact that you will see water pooling in your ceiling, especially after heavy rains when there is standing water on your roof. 

    PRQ Exteriors can offer an array of residential roofing services dependent on the type and amount of damage that is present. Our complimentary roofing evaluation will seek out the root of the damages and provide you with a quick and easy estimate for the repairs. 

    Inspection and Repairs for Storm Damage and Leaks

    To determine the extent of the damage, one of our contractors will typically begin with a roof inspection.  

    Depending on what type of damage is present (minor leaks vs. complete blowouts), our team of roofing contractors will then let you know if repairs are needed or a complete roof replacement is in order. 

    Roof Installation and Replacement

    Once the extent of the damage has been determined, we will begin the process of either repairing the damage or installing a replacement roof. There are many considerations when getting your roof replaced, such as material, cost, warranty, and color. PRQ will assist you in the decision process and provide any financing options available to you. 

    Roofing Maintenance Programs

    To help keep your roof in great shape, we also offer roofing maintenance programs. A maintenance program will help ensure that your roof is maintained correctly to last as long as possible. Homeowners in Lakewood can benefit from a roofing maintenance program; these programs offer added value to your home and extra peace of mind, knowing that your roof will withstand any weather conditions that may arise. 

    Commercial Roofing

    Commercial roofing is much different than your typical residential roofing process. To help meet the needs of commercial buildings and businesses, we can provide services to install a variety of types of roofs depending on the needs of your business. We can also offer services like roof sealing, drainage installation, and more. 

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    Roofing Solutions for Lakewood Businesses

    There are several types of materials that offer the best solutions for your Lakewood business. PRQ provides a variety of commercial roofing solutions, including metal roofing, rubber membrane roofing, built-up roofing, concrete tile roofing, and many others. 

    These products provide excellent long-lasting solutions for businesses because they can withstand heavy weight loads and harsh weather conditions such as ice storms or hail. 

    Flat Roofing Repair and Installation

    Flat roofs require special tools and expertise. Fortunately, PRQ Exteriors also specializes in the repair and installation of flat roofs for Lakewood businesses.  

    These types of roofs are especially beneficial to large commercial buildings, typically housing air conditioning units and allowing for foot traffic on your roof. The process begins by repairing leaks in the existing roofing system and continues by having our contractors evaluate your flat roof’s surface area for any damage, including cracks, holes, or missing slabs.  

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    Hail Damage Roofing Repair in Lakewood

    Residents in Lakewood know that the weather can turn foul at any moment. The seasonal weather patterns and temperatures can also vary greatly. This can lead to hailstorms and damage to your roofing. Hail damage is something that needs to be identified and repaired immediately to prevent further problems. 

    Our expert roofers in Lakewood will repair hail damage by removing any cracked tiles and then filling these cracks with sealant. Sometimes, if the damage is severe enough, they may need to completely replace a few damaged roofing tiles. 

    The replacement and sealing process is essential because hail can cause holes that lead to the development of leaks. 

    Storm Restoration Roofing

    Storm restoration is vital after a severe storm. Some of the primary services we offer emergency inspections for leaks and damage, as well as repair and replacement services to restore your roof back to normal after a big storm. 

    You should contact us for a roofing inspection immediately after the storm to prevent a potentially small problem from becoming more significant. 

    PRQ is the highest quality exterior company. From helping handle our entire hail damage claim (windows, gutters, roof, siding, etc) to setting up the replacement process with high quality products. Their attention to detail, professionalism and care about you as a customer far surpasses anyone else out there. Plus- the care they put into the replacement process and the end result is pristine. Highly recommend them!!

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    Insurance Claim Assistance for Your Roofing Project

    In most cases, we can assist you with filing your roof damage claim with your insurance company. Here are a few rules to follow when getting ready to report roof damage. 

    • Contact us to schedule an on-site inspection of your roof to verify whether or not there is damage and to find the extent of that damage. 
    • If damage is confirmed, contact your insurance company representative to request an inspection. The insurance company will likely act immediately to try and resolve the claim. 
    • Be sure to take pictures of any type of damage before any kind of repair so that the extent of the damage is shown in its entirety. 

    It is an excellent suggestion to have pre-damage photos of your residence also. 

    It is a good idea to make sure that you ask the inspector to authorize temporary repairs so that no further damage is done while the claim is processed. You should prepare invoices and receipts for all repairs so that the insurance company can reimburse you properly once all the repairs are complete. 

    Taking the right steps and having all the proper paperwork will go a long way towards getting your claim approved. PRQ’s insurance roofing specialists will help you every step of the way, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve!

    Financing Options for Your Roof

    There are several ways to finance your roofing repair in Lakewood, Colorado. One option is to opt for contractor-guaranteed financing for major repairs and replacements. For home or business owners with good credit and the ability to repay, this can help cover the entirety of the cost of repairs or replacement. 

    Other options are available, such as home improvement loans, personal financing options, and installment plans. We offer these options to our customers to help with the process of getting your roof repaired.  

    A Well Maintained Roof Will Add Value to Your Lakewood Home

    It’s generally a good idea to keep your home in good shape. Investing in maintaining your roof can actually save you money and add value to your home over time. A clean and functional roof improves your base property value dramatically and can even help with the resale as roofs are a major issue for many homebuyers. 

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    Lakewood Roofing Contractors You Can Rely On

    We are the best roofing contractors in Lakewood; our team of roofing experts is fully licensed and certified. We are proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star average on Google Reviews.   

    Experience With Roofing In Colorado

    Roofing contractors in Colorado have to deal with a wide variety of situations. Our team of experienced roofers can tackle any problem that comes to light on your roof from water damage and major hailstorms. As a locally-owned and operated company, PRQ’s team of professionals is proud to serve the community of Lakewood with top-rated roofing solutions.

    How Much Does New Roofing Cost?

    At PRQ, we understand that budgeting for a new roofing system can be stressful, especially with a wide range of materials and options available. On average in Colorado, a brand new roofing system can range from $8,500 – $14,500, obviously depending on the sizing and materials you choose for your roof. For a more accurate estimate on your next roofing project, contact the experts with PRQ today!

    About Lakewood, CO

    As the 5th largest city in Colorado, with a population of ~155,000, Lakewood brings a unique feel that is all its own to the Urban Front Range Corridor. Lakewood boasts a great school system, as well as a wide-web of trail systems for outdoor activities. Despite its large population, Lakewood provides a true Rocky Mountain feel alongside its big city culture. From Belmar, to Primrose West, our team has provided top-quality roofing to neighborhoods all across Lakewood. Reach out today for a free estimate!

    PRQ’s Expansive Service Area

    PRQ Exteriors offers top-rated commercial and residential roofing services throughout many Colorado cities. Check out some of our local service areas:

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    If you’ve suffered roofing damage and don’t know where to turn, contact us for a complimentary roofing evaluation today! Don’t let potential roof damage turn into a major problem. Get the help you need from the experts at PRQ Exteriors! 

    When you work with PRQ Exteriors, you are getting experienced and trained professionals. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the job was done right the first time by roofing contractors that you trust. Call us today at (303) 214-0703 for quality roofing and exterior services.

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