Your Roof and the Summer Heat

Summer is finally upon us and with that comes pool days, popsicles, and serious heat waves. Denver based clients are likely familiar with the Colorado’s extra-strong UV rays and the 95-degree days that our summers consist of, but what they aren’t familiar with is the damage that the sun and heat can do to their roofs.

At PRQ Exteriors, many of our clients tend to associate roof damage with inclement weather such as hailstorms, snow, and ice, but what they don’t realize is that our nice, sunny days are a threat to their roofs as well. Today our team is discussing how the summer sun affects your roof. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Denver multi-family unit roofing company
Denver multi-family unit roofing company

Thermal Shock

The roof on your home reaches a very high temperature on a hot, sunny, summer day and then quickly cools back off when the sun sets in the evening. This drastic temperature swing causes your roofing materials to expand and contract. This repeated expanding and contracting can cause your roof’s structural integrity to weaken over time.

Extreme Temperatures

Although the temperature outside might only be 85 or 90 degrees, our Denver CO roofers know that your roof temperature is likely to soar 150+ degrees on a hot summer day. These extreme temperature can accelerate chemical processes in your roofing materials, causing them to breakdown faster.

UV Exposure

UV rays from the sun beat down on your roof for twelve hours during the summer months, causing it to age and decay quicker than the winter months. Roofing teams have seen how excessive UV exposure can cause wood damage, cracks in your roofing material, and can lead to asphalt shingles buckling and cracking.

Summer Storms

Denver CO based clients are very familiar with the summer wind and hailstorms we experience here. One second it is a perfect summer day and the next you are taking cover in the nearest building! These storms can cause major issues for your roofing structure. There isn’t much you can do to prevent storms, but remembering your seasonal inspections and immediately repairing any damage found can help prevent small problems from turning into major ones.

There is no need to panic if tomorrow is supposed to be a hot and sunny day! Although the summer sun and heat does cause damage to your roof, it doesn’t occur overnight. It takes time (often years) to see the extent of the problems created thanks to the summer sun. If your roof is less than ten years old, sun damage likely has not set in yet.

To help offset the problems caused by our summer sun and heat, the team at PRQ Exteriors along with most roofers recommend doing a few things to help protect your roof. First, make sure your attic is well-ventilated, this will help mitigate some of the heat related issues. Second, always remember your seasonal roofing inspections and act on any necessary repairs as soon as your discover an issue.

If you suspect there is weather related damage on your roof, the PRQ Exteriors roofers, Denver CO based team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!

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