Winterizing & Preparing a Commercial Building for Winter

Winter is rapidly approaching and in Colorado winter typically brings snow, ice, and damaging winds. As a property owner or manager, it is important for you to consider whether or not your commercial building is ready for winter weather.

At PRQ Exteriors we have worked with many property owners over the years and whenever we bring up the importance of winterizing and preparing their building’s roofs for winter, we receive confused looks and questioning stares. Despite the roof being the most important piece of a buildings structure, building owners often simply forget about maintaining it.

Just like you prepare your furnace, vents, pipes, and sprinkler system for the winter, you must also winterize your roof. Today, the team at PRQ Exteriors is sharing the steps you should take to properly prepare your roof for winter. Keep reading below to learn more!


Schedule Your Inspection Early

Preparing your roof properly for winter, means starting early. Begin by having your roof professionally inspected in the early fall. Early fall is the ideal time for your inspection because summer hailstorms have passed, but winter snow and ice have not begun yet. If you wait too long for your annual inspection, you might not leave enough time to make necessary repairs before snow starts to fall.


Identify Leaks in the Fall

Once snow and ice start to pile up on your roof it will be next to impossible to determine the source of any leaks. Make sure identifying and repairing any leaks is a key part of your annual inspection.


Take Care of Necessary Repairs

If your contractor finds any damage or issues during their annual inspection, it is imperative that you take care of repairs as quickly as possible. Repairing your commercial roof in a timely manner will prevent damage from worsening, leading to more costly and time consuming repairs later on.


Clean and Clear Gutters and Roofing

During your inspection, your roof contractor should also ensure that your gutters and roof’s surface are clear of any debris. Ask your contractor if the removal of trash, leaves, branches, and other potential hazards is included in their annual inspection.


Don’t Forget About Your Surroundings

Are there tree branches hanging over your commercial roof? If so, you will absolutely want to cut them down before snow begins to fall. The weight of snow on a branch can cause the branch to break onto your roof, puncturing the surface, leading to major issues. Prevent damage caused by falling branches by trimming any tree limbs hanging too close to your roof.


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Your roof is your commercial property’s first line of defense against the harsh Colorado winters, don’t neglect it. If you have been delaying repairs or your yearly inspection, it is time to stop pushing it off and take action. No matter what condition your roof is in, the PRQ Exteriors team is here to help winterize your property. Call our team today to schedule a free inspection and we will send one of our commercial experts out to evaluate the condition of your roof and make recommendations on necessary repairs.

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