Why We’re Different

Why We’re different –

It’s In The Service

Receive Local Quality Roofing & Exterior Service


At PRQ, Excellent Service Is Everything

Every day, our experienced team rapidly responds to all inquires for roof replacements or storm restoration on gutters, siding, windows and more. We understand the severity of hail damage, so we want to ensure you get quality service for your home or place of business 24/7. You’ll not only get a trained professional at your home or place of business, but you’ll also get peace of mind knowing the job was done right the first time. Call us today for quality roofing and exterior service that you can depend on: 303-956-7040

Roofing Contractors, Not Storm Chasers – Are What Colorado Needs

Roofing contractors are easy to find, but not all are the same. The secret to finding honest Colorado roofing contractors is to go looking for them yourself locally. If the contractor tries to pressure you into “really good bid”, asks for all or most of the money up front, or only accepts cash, that is a major warning sign. Even if they promise to get more money out of the insurance company than you could, and especially if they promise to pay your deductible, do not sign anything. Paying for your deductible is actually insurance fraud, do not sign anything.  You want to go with credible roofing companies with 5 star reviews and exceptional service, so be sure to check out their online reputation as well!



Most importantly, most roofing companies sub contract roofing laborers on a daily basis. This means that complete strangers to you and the contractor that you hired, have no idea who is on you roof. How does that make any sense? It doesn’t, and can’t be trusted. You want to go with a local business like PRQ Exteriors from Golden, CO. You also want a roofing contractor like PRQ Exteriors as we own our own roofing company. That’s right! Fully licensed and insured where you can rest at ease knowing we work with our same roofers Monday-Saturday as one big happy family!

Dishonest roofing contractors never stay in business that long. Rule out any contractor that does not have a license, permits, insurance information or permanent place of business. Do your online research, it will save you time, money, and keep your family safe under a properly installed roof.



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