Why Gutter Guards Are Essential

Guttering tends to be an often overlooked component of a stable roofing system and gutter guards tend to be almost completely neglected by property owners. At PRQ Exteriors, we have observed many of our Denver gutter cleaning clients forgoing gutter guards completely. While we understand that it can be tempting to save a few dollars and skip gutter guards, we always recommend that our Denver gutter cleaning clients without them install them immediately.

Today, the PRQ Exteriors team wants to make sure you understand what gutter guards are and why they are vital to a healthy roofing system. Keep reading below to learn everything you have ever wondered about gutter guards from your Denver gutter cleaning experts.

What Are Gutter Guards?

Unwanted debris such as leaves, branches, and other materials can easily enter your rain gutters and cause serious clogs and damage. Clogged, damaged gutters can prevent proper water flow and lead to major trouble for your building.

That is why gutter guards are vitally important. Gutter guards attach to the gutter and are easily installed by your Denver gutter cleaning service provider to help prevent these unwanted debris from entering your gutters.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Time and Money Savings

Having your Denver gutter cleaning professionals install gutter guards can help you save time and money in the long run. Gutters require regular maintenance including inspections and debris removal.

Although installing gutter guards will not completely eliminate the need for inspections and cleaning, gutter guards will allow for reduced frequency with both. Save yourself the headache and consider having a Denver gutter cleaning company such as PRQ Exteriors provide you a quote for gutter guards.

Prevents Water Damage

When your gutters become clogged with leaves or other debris, they are not able to properly drain water away from your property. Instead of funneling rain and melted snow through a downspout and away from your home, the water will collect in your gutters and roof, or run down the side of your house and pool around the foundation.

The PRQ Exteriors team has seen these issues hundreds of times with our Denver gutter cleaning clients and unfortunately the outcome is never positive. Standing water can lead to serious problems including mold growth, wood rot, ceiling collapse, and cracks in your foundation.

Many of the roofing issues our team sees in and around our Denver gutter cleaning clients’ properties could have been prevented through the installation of gutter guards. If your home or property is in need of gutter guards, don’t delay, call the PRQ Exteriors team today for your free inspection and quote!

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