Why DIY Roofing is Ill Advised

Why DIY Roofing is Ill Advised

We live in the age of DIY projects galore thanks Pinterest, YouTube, and the sense of accomplishment that we all feel from finishing a DIY task. While we are all for saving money on painting, refinishing furniture, and patching minor holes we strongly recommend leaving all roof repair needs to the professionals.

The team at PRQ Exteriors has seen many attempts on roof repair that homeowners have made over the years and most projects do not end as planned. From dangerous errors to extremely poor workmanship, we have seen it all and completed lengthier, more expensive repairs because of it all. Today we are sharing all of the reasons why DIY roofing is ill advised. Keep reading below to learn why you should leave your roof repair needs to an expert.

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DIY Roofing Is Dangerous

First and foremost, any roof repair that homeowners attempt themselves is extremely dangerous. Professional roofers such as the team at PRQ Exteriors undergo extensive safety training in order to safely and properly complete roofing projects. Those who have not received the same training are at high risk of slipping and falling, hurting themselves on materials, and or using equipment incorrectly. 

DIY Roofing Takes Time

While all roofing repair projects take time to complete, taking care of the process yourself will take much longer than working with a professional. Educating yourself on the process, determining the exact issue, and sourcing materials all take time. Working with a professional roofing contractor will ensure that the project is completed quickly and efficiently.

DIY Roofing Leads to Poor Workmanship

Roofing is a trade that takes years of apprenticeship to truly master. It is simply not possible to receive the same knowledge by watching videos online or reading a few roofing books. When someone without the necessary skillset completes a roofing project, the project often ends up completed incorrectly. This poor workmanship will often lead to more extensive damage, a sooner total replacement, and more money spent in the long run.

DIY Roofing May Void Your Warranty

Many roofing warranties (as well as insurance coverage) explicitly state that all roofing repairs must be completed by a licensed professional or your warranty will be voided. By choosing to ignore this clause you are likely setting yourself up for much higher roofing expenses overtime.

Although it can be tempting to save a few dollars and attempt necessary repairs on your own, the team at PRQ Exteriors urges you to reconsider. If you are not a licensed professional there are many things that can go wrong and the possibilities are not worth the risk.

 If your Denver roof repair needs currently have you considering fixing them yourself, give our team a call today. Our experts can come to your property to provide a free inspection and estimate. While we’re there, we are happy to discuss the risks associated with DIY roofing in more depth!

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