What Should My Warranty Include?

Four Things Your Warranty Should Include

At PRQ Exteriors, we know that purchasing a new roof can be an overwhelming process. There are so many decisions to make and factors to consider. Some factors are obvious, such as choosing a color or a contractor to install your new roof, but others tend to slip through the cracks.

One major factor the PRQ Exteriors teams has noticed that clients tend to forget about is the roofing warranty. Your roof is a major investment, possibly one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life besides the house itself, and you want to treat it as such. Good roofing warranties will always come with four major protections. Today, the PRQ Exteriors team is going to walk you through the four things your roofing warranty should always include. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Product vs System Warranties

A product warranty is typically a limited warranty that protects only certain pieces of your roof, a shingle for example. A system warranty offers lifetime coverage on both labor and material, however system warranties are only valid if the entire roof is from the same manufacturer and installed by a certified contractor. System warranties are typically good for up to 50 years and provide the ultimate protection on your investment.

When evaluating contractors always check to see their policy on system warranties and whether or not they are a certified contractor.

Workmanship Warranty

A workmanship warranty is provided by a contractor to their clients and guarantees the contractors work for a certain number of years. When this warranty is provided your contractor will bring in a third-party inspector to inspect the roof upon installation and certify that it was installed correctly.

A workmanship warranty provides both peace of mind and an extra layer of protection to the client. Be sure to ask all contractors you are evaluating how long their workmanship warranty is good for and what their post installation inspection process looks like.

Annual Inspections

Thanks to constant exposure to the elements, your roof is likely to experience routine wear and tear overtime. While routine wear and tear is completely normal, when ignored it can lead to much bigger problems. Oftentimes minor damage can be difficult to spot with an untrained eye and it tends to go undetected until more serious issues arise.

A good roof warranty will include an annual inspection by your contractor. Annual inspections will ensure that all wear and tear is dealt with by a professional in a timely manner, preventing major damage. When choosing a contractor for your new roof don’t forget to ask about annual inspections.

Routine Maintenance

During the annual inspections mentioned above, it is likely that your contractor will find something amiss. Things such as cracked shingles, missing nails, and other minor issues are to be expected. Good routine maintenance will include minor repairs such as the above at no cost to the client.

Before choosing a contractor to install your new roof, be sure to know exactly what is and is not included in routine maintenance so there are no surprises when the time comes.

Protect yourself and your investment by always remembering to ask your contractor about their roofing warranties. If you are considering purchasing a new roof and have questions about the process the PRQ Exteriors team is always here to help. Give us a call today at 303-214-0703.

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