Should I Have My Old Underlayment Removed?

4 Reasons You Should Have Your Old Underlayment Removed

Putting a new roof on your home is not a project that should be undertaken lightly. A new roof is a major investment and you want to ensure that your new roof is installed properly with high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Unfortunately, not all roofs are installed correctly the first time and at PRQ Exteriors we have fixed many issues created by unqualified contractors who chose to take a shortcut on a project. One of the most common issues the team at PRQ Exteriors sees is the failure to remove old underlayment.

Underlayment is a waterproof barrier that is installed directly onto your roofing deck. It is applied under all other roofing materials and acts as an additional layer of protection against severe weather. When replacing your roof, you always want to remove the old underlayment before laying the new one. When a contractor fails to do so, it can cause many issues for your property. Keep reading below for the four main reasons you should have your old underlayment removed.

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Weight of the Underlayment

Your roofing system is only designed to handle so much weight. The unaccounted extra weight of your old underlayment can compromise the integrity of your roofing structure and potentially lead to issues such as leaks and collapsed ceilings.

Roofing Deck Inspection

When replacing your roof it is important to check your roofing deck for damage, mold, and wood rot. In order to properly inspect your roofing deck, your old underlayment must be removed. Without removing your underlayment, you could be putting a new roof on top of a crumbling roofing deck which could lead to serious problems in the future.

Warranty Concerns

In order for a roofing warranty to be valid, the new roof needs to be installed according to very exact specifications. The removal of old underlayment is often part of the specifications and failing to remove your old underlayment could void your roofing warranty.

It’s Already Paid For

When you file an insurance claim for a new roof, the services being paid for by the claim include the removal of your old underlayment. If your contractor fails to remove the old underlayment then you are not actually receiving the services that you have paid for.

When choosing a contractor to install your new roof protect your investment by asking to see a detailed project plan. Carefully review the project plan with your contractor to ensure that you have an understanding of what exactly is included in their services.

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