Should I Schedule A Roof Inspection?

Hail Strikes in Colorado

Have you been affected by the recent hail and wind storms in the Denver Area? If so, you might be considering having a roofer come out to your property to check for damage. Maybe you’ve been delaying scheduling an appointment because you haven’t noticed any damage? Maybe you’re not sure when the best time to schedule an appointment actually is?

The PRQ Exteriors team wants you to know that the best time to schedule an appointment is now. Just because you don’t see damage, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Damage to your roof is often invisible to the naked eye and only found during a professional evaluation.

Busy Season For Quality Roofers

We are also heading into busy season for the roofing industry in Colorado. With the temperatures staying consistently warm, it is time to get to work on repairs. The best roofers in town have most likely already been scheduling appointments for this time of the year for months now, meaning many may have long waitlists.

Initial Free Inspection

One way to help avoid getting stuck on a waitlist is by scheduling an initial inspection a few months ahead of time. Any reputable roofer worth your time will offer all initial inspections free of charge meaning that the evaluation is of no financial risk to you.

Since the initial inspection puts no financial burden on you, it is a good practice to have your roof inspected annually. Regularly having your roof inspected is a great preventative measure and helps keep it in the best condition possible. If unbeknownst to you, you do have roof damage, you do not want the damage to go undetected. The longer your roof remains damaged, the more extensive and costly repairs typically become.

Feel Confident In Your Contractor

Once the time comes for your initial inspection, the roofer will send a member of their team to your property to perform the inspection. If during the inspection they discover any damage, they will then provide you with a summary of necessary repairs and assist you with the insurance process.

If the roofer performing the initial inspection finds damage that needs to be repaired, we recommend evaluating their company. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable working with this contractor, and be sure to check customer references and Google Reviews. Once you begin the evaluation process, try to make your decision quickly to avoid getting stuck on the waitlists we mentioned earlier.

Don’t delay your free inspection any further, now is the time to schedule an appointment. Call the PRQ Exteriors team today and we will send one of our roofing experts out to evaluate your property as quickly as possible.

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