Roofing Guide for First Time Home Buyers

Roofing Guide for First Time Home Buyers 

Buying your first home is an exciting milestone that can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider when buying your first home that among the more glitzy aspects such as school districts, pools, and gourmet kitchens things like condition of the roof are often forgotten. But that is why PRQ Exteriors and the other premier roofing companies in Denver are here to help!

We understand why the roof isn’t top of mind when purchasing your first home, but we also want to open your eyes as to why it should be. Today the PRQ Exteriors team is sharing our roofing guide for first time home buyers. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Roofing Considerations for Your New Home


If you are purchasing your new home with the help of a home loan, it is extremely likely that the lender will require the roof is stable with many years of life left. Talk to your lender about their specific requirements and policies so you aren’t caught off guard when you are ready to close.

Roof Age

If the roof on the home you are purchasing is nearing the end of its lifespan consider having one of the many roofing companies in Denver conduct a roof inspection. They will be able to determine the number of years left on the roof barring any unexpected damage and advise you accordingly.

Roof Condition

Having the team at PRQ Exteriors or one of the other roofing companies in Denver conduct a roofing inspection prior to move in will alert you and the seller to the state of the roof. If there are any issues such as missing shingles, cracked gutters, or leaks the current owners are responsible for repairing them prior to closing.

Attic Inspection

Your inspection should not just be of the exterior of the home, but should include the attic as well. If the inspector finds any signs of water damage, mold, or wood rot the seller is responsible for fixing the attic damage before closing. The seller is also responsible for providing documentation of all repairs to you as the buyer.

Trees on the Property

A lush property full of trees is typically a huge perk for homebuyers, but it is important to ensure that there are no low hanging branches over the roof. If there are, most roofing companies in Denver would advise that you have the seller trim the trees before the final closing.

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Post Move In To-Dos:

Start Budgeting for a New Roof

Fixer-uppers are popular purchases for first time homebuyers and while you are likely thinking about the new gourmet kitchen you plan on installing, you should also consider budgeting for a new roof. Consult with our team at PRQ Exteriors or one of the other excellent roofing companies in Denver to begin the process.

Add Regular Inspections to the To-Do List

One of the least exciting, but most important aspects of homeownership is property maintenance. Seasonal roofing inspections should be on your to-do list in order to protect and maintain your new investment.

Ask About Insurance Savings

If the roof on your new home is older, but was passable for your lender, you still may want to consider replacing it sooner rather than later. Older roofs typically come with more expensive insurance premiums. Talk to your insurance agent about the possible savings from a replacement.

As one of the premier roofing companies in Denver, the team at PRQ Exteriors is here to help all first time home buyers assess the state of their roof. Give our team of experts a call at 303-214-0703 to schedule a roof inspection today, before you sign on the dotted line tomorrow!

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