The Importance of Roofing Energy Efficiency

When the topic of energy efficiency comes up, it’s easy to think of electric cars and solar panels. Yet, few people realize how much of an impact energy-efficient roofing options can have on their yearly energy savings. These roofing systems can generate tax breaks, bring home energy bills down, and lower your carbon footprint – all provided at similar pricing for standard roofing materials and installations. Let’s go over how energy-efficient roofing can save money and the environment, all while keeping you comfortable in the face of whatever Mother Nature can throw at you."¯ 

How Does Your Roofing Affect Energy Costs?

There are potentially dozens of places that can leak your homes’ climate-controlled air out into the world: loose windows, improperly sealed doors, uninsulated attics or basements, and a roof that can’t keep your A/C where it needs to be! Roofs play a significant role in keeping home energy consumption at a manageable level. If installed correctly and made of the appropriate materials, your roofing can make a substantial difference in your monthly energy costs. 

What is Energy Efficient Roofing?

Energy-efficient roofing is any style of roofing that reduces the energy consumption of the structure it covers through its material or construction. This can be accomplished by installing solar reflecting shingles, adding extra insulation, adding or removing vents for more efficient airflow, or even installing solar panels on your roof. All of these methods can cause significant energy savings in the long run."¯ 

Roofing Provides Valuable Insulation for Your Home

The term insulation often brings to mind the pads of pink fiberglass that rest in your attic or the caulking that runs along your window frames, but it’s less common to think of your roof itself as a source of insulation for your home.

A well-built, effectively sealed, and insulated roof can contribute significantly to your yearly energy savings by keeping the hot air out in the Summer, the cold air out in the Winter, and boosting your homes’ energy efficiency year-round."¯ 

Aged Roofs Can Increase Energy Costs

On the flip side, if your roof is older, made from less energy-efficient materials, or broken down and poorly ventilated, your heating and cooling systems will have to work much harder throughout the year to keep your homes’ internal environment comfortable. 

All of this extra heating and cooling directly translates to increased energy costs, not to mention putting unnecessary stress on your climate control systems. 

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Benefits of Roofing Energy Efficiency

Installing or updating an energy-efficient roof is an investment in your home in more ways than one. In the short term, increased energy efficiency results in cheaper utility bills and a more comfortable home. In the long run, an updated, modern roof can add to your homes’ curb appeal, increase its market value, and reduce your household’s impact on the environment."¯

Reduced Utility Bills and a Comfortable Home

One of the biggest perks of energy-efficient roofing is a two-for-one: You get a cooler home and pay less to keep it that way. Studies have proven that homes with an energy-efficient roof consistently save money on their energy bills, particularly during the Summer months when there is a higher cooling demand. On top of that, you get to beat the summer heat in a cool and comfortable home, from top to bottom."¯ 

Reducing Energy Usage is Environmentally Friendly

As we head into a world that is more and more focused on environmental awareness, more and more homeowners are finding ways to use less energy at home to be more environmentally friendly. Lowering the strain your HVAC systems put on the energy grid during peak hours can significantly impact local pollution and fuel use over time, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment for all."¯ 

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    What Types of Roofing are the Most Energy-Efficient?

    Whether you’re looking into entirely replacing your roof with more energy-efficient roofing materials or you want to stick to simpler, less comprehensive solution like covering youexisting roof with a reflective coating, you have no shortage of options. There are a wide variety of efficienroofing options for evertype of home and homeowner. Each one has its own construction methods, roofing materials, and pros and cons. 

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    Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing is a superb option if you’re looking for durability, sustainability, and high reflectivity. On average, most metal roofs can be expected to last between 50-80 years. They’re lightweight, fireproof, and do an excellent job of reflecting sunlight away from your roof, keeping your interior temperatures low and your energy bill lower. Metal roofing is available in many shapes and sub-types, like aluminum or copper, for added customization potential.

    Solar Tile Roofing

    If you’re already concerned about energy efficiency, why not double down and consider installing a roof that not only cuts down on energy consumption but actually produces energy itself? As opposed to having large solar panels jutting out from your roof at all angles, solar tiles sit flush on your roof to maintain the classic appearance of standard tile roofing, with one key difference. These active solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it to electricity that can be sold back to power companies or stored for future use.

    Tiled Roofing

    Most often seen in areas with intense heat, such as the American Southwest, tile roofs offer their benefits in the humble form of air circulation. No fancy materials or coatings here – the magic is in the installation. These tiles are laid down in an overlapping design that forces air to move up from the eaves on the side of the home up to the ridge of the roof, venting hot air away from the house and providing circulation in the process. The tiles themselves are made of a mix of concrete and clay, perfect for emitting and releasing heat rather than hanging on to it.

    Asphalt Panels

    Asphalt shingles are a tried-and-true classic, and they’ve got their own spin on an energy-efficient option. You can purchase and install roof shingles that are infused shingles that are infused with reflective granules designed to add extra reflectivity for a small additional cost. These special shingles don’t cost much more than standard asphalt ones, and most can meet or exceed energy efficiency standards.

    Cool Roof Coatings

    If you just got your roof redone, or it’s still got a long lease on life, cool roof coatings may be your best bet. A unique blend of chemicals mixed with white paint for bonus solar reflectance can be applied directly over your existing roofing materials to make a considerable difference in your current energy efficiency. These reflective coatings are proven to lower roof temperature at an extremely low cost compared to installing brand new materials.

    Opting for an Energy Efficient Roof

    With an ever-growing focus on environmentalism and energy efficiency, it’s never been a better time to look into upgrading your home with solar panels and energy-efficient roofing. Whether you’re interested in modifying your existing roof, replacing your current one, or integrating the design into a newly built home, you have options. At"¯PRQ Exteriors,"¯we offer an incredible variety of roofing services and products from major brands like Energy Star to make your roofing work for you, not against you."¯ 

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