Roof Repairs You’re Most Likely to Need This Spring

In just a few short weeks spring will have sprung and while the team at PRQ Exteriors is anxiously awaiting return of warm weather, we are also anticipating an increase in Denver roof repair needs. Colorado winters can be particularly harsh on both homes and commercial buildings and once spring rolls around it is important to evaluate your property for damage.

When the snow finally melts we recommend taking a walk around your property to check for the tell tale signs of damage. If anything seems to be amiss we recommend calling your Denver roof repair specialists immediately to schedule a professional consultation.

Keep reading below to better understand potential warning signs on your property and know when to call in the Denver roof repair experts!


1. Missing or Damaged Shingles

We all know that our harsh Colorado winters often bring damaging winds and unfortunately these winds can do a number on our properties. One of the most common Denver roof repair needs the PRQ Exteriors team sees in the spring is missing shingles, often caused by the aforementioned winds.

Our Colorado weather also typically brings heavy snowstorms. During bad storms, weak branches are easily snapped by the weight of the snow. If these branches are too close to your property, they can easily puncture or damage your shingles. If you suspect a shingle is missing or punctured, call your Denver roof repair experts as soon as possible.


2. Leaks

We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but they also often bring the tell tale signs of a leaky ceiling. A leaky ceiling can lead to major Denver roof repair needs and often once you notice the leak it is has been occurring for some time. By the time you find a leak you may be facing wood rot, mold and mildew, and a weakened structural integrity.

In order to detect leaks early we recommend contacting a Denver roof repair specialist such as the team at PRQ Exteriors for a free inspection. Having a professional inspection will allow for both early detection and peace of mind.


3. Gutter Damage

The falling leaves and windblown debris of autumn and winter often lead to clogged or damaged guttering systems. Guttering systems are often overlooked by homeowners, but we advise our Denver roof repair clients to inspect them regularly, but especially in the spring.

Check all of your gutters and clean out any leaves and debris that you find. Ensure proper drainage by looking for water damage on your exterior walls and muddy patches in your yard. If you find anything that you aren’t comfortable dealing with yourself, call your Denver roof repair specialists for help.


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The team at PRQ Exteriors loves spring and all of the beauty it brings, but we know it can be frustrating for property owners. Take some of the burden off of your own shoulders by calling PRQ Exteriors, your Denver roof repair experts, to schedule your free spring inspection! From minor damage to major repairs, our team is here to help!

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