The Importance of a Roof Maintenance Program

Although your roof is mostly out of sight, it should never be out of mind. Keeping your roof maintained can prevent you from spending thousands on roof repair or replacement, as minor roof damage can quickly cause severe interior damage if not addressed in time. Educating yourself on the importance of a roof maintenance program can save you some hefty replacement costs and even provide value once your roof reaches its estimated lifespan.

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How Often Do Roofs Need Maintenance?

Roof maintenance tends to more than just leaks and quick inspections. A good roofing maintenance program takes preventative measures to ensure your roof's continued safety and to avoid as much future damage as possible. These roofing inspections and maintenance should occur once or twice a year, depending on severe weather conditions in your area and how late in its lifespan your roof is. 

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What is a Roof Maintenance Program?

A roof maintenance program typically comes from your roofing contractor. The program entails regular inspections, cleaning services, and maintenance. Contractors will check for current and possible future problems and could include minor repairs and gutter cleaning in the program price. The primary purpose of a roof maintenance program is to lengthen your roof's lifespan.  

Scheduling Regular Maintenance and Inspections

If you look at your roof's warranty, it will most likely require a yearly inspection. This requirement ensures both the property owner and roofing company saves money on repairs and replacements. Inspections should occur more often than once per year to avoid severe damage from neglect. The average maintenance and inspection schedules are semi-annual, but programs will usually include checks after significant weather events occur.    

Inspect Your Roof After Major Weather Events

Severe damage-causing weather in Colorado includes thunderstorms, high winds, and hailstorms. Our team has seen numerous hail-damaged roofs, and we know that minor damage after storms can compile into more significant problems. Even if you don't notice any internal damage after severe weather, checking with your contractors is always a good idea. Inspections should be made more often in areas with more severe weather events. As our team has seen numerous hail damaged roofs, we know that minor damage after storms can compile into larger problems. Even if you don't notice any internal damage after severe weather, checking with your contractors is always a good idea. Inspections should be made more often in areas with more severe weather events. 

Aspects of Roof Maintenance and Inspection

Most roof maintenance programs offer minor damage repair and gutter cleaning along with the basic overall inspection. The best and most professional programs should include inspection, photographic documentation for filing, conclusive quotes for recommended repairs and services, basic repairs on the spot, and routine maintenance services. Different programs will offer various services. The services you need will depend on your roof and your contractors. It is wise to consult with your contractors before agreeing on a program to ensure your program suits you and your budget.  

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Overall Roof Condition and Upkeep

Before agreeing on a roof maintenance program, schedule an initial inspection for a custom quote. The contractor should examine the size, condition, and layout of your roof. Suppose there are multiple levels of roofing or difficulty accessing areas of the roof. In that case, your maintenance program may cost a bit more as there is more surface area to examine and more barriers for the inspectors to maneuver. 

Once scheduled, a contractor will access your roof's overall condition, provide estimates, and document any possible damages. The initial inspection should determine the conditions and upkeep of various aspects, including: 

  • Covering 
  • Edging 
  • Flashing 
  • Support structure 
  • Drains 
  • Pitch plans 
  • Penetrations 
  • Joint covers 
  • Lightning protection 
  • Areas where pooling or standing water can occur

Minor Damage Repair

There may be some minor damage to your roof that would have gone unnoticed without a roof maintenance program. The maintenance program covers minor repairs, such as cracks or sealing issues. These minor damages can lead to significant damage if not taken care of early. On the other hand, severe damages mean serious money, so these minor repairs are vital to any roofing maintenance program.  

How Much Does Roof Maintenance Cost? 

The cost of a roof maintenance program depends on many things, including your roof's square footage and your location's weather risk level. More severe damage may affect the cost if discovered in the initial pre-program inspection. If you live in an area with high-risk weather conditions, your roof maintenance program could cost a bit more to cover the frequent damage. The price will ultimately depend on the environment and the existing condition of the roof.  Roofs are expensive to repair and install, so investing in an optimal roof maintenance program will help prevent those high costs.

Preventative Maintenance vs. Large Roofing Projects 

Although a minor dent or crack in a roof may not seem like something to call the contractor over, roofs can leak for months without the leak being discovered. After minor damage sits for a long time, severe damage will occur. Minor repairs and maintenance services can cost thousands of dollars less than major repairs or roof replacement, so ensuring your preventative measures and maintenance services are correctly executed will save you money and prevent larger projects in the long run.  

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    Roof Maintenance Saves Money In The Long-Term

    In some cases, insurance providers will not cover all roof repair costs if maintenance and preventative measures were not taken before the roof damage. This is why being proactive and opting for a roof maintenance program is the best option. Businesses can even file maintenance program costs as tax deductibles. Insurance, tax, and the prevention of extensive repair or replacement costs save you much more money than having to replace your roof every few years.

    Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

    Roofs tend to not last through their estimated lifespans if maintenance and prevention services are not utilized. Roofs maintained through professional roof maintenance programs can last twice as long as roofs without routine maintenance. Our team wants to ensure that your house or place of business gets the most value it can out of your roof.    

    Getting Started with a Roofing Maintenance Program

    The best course of action is to contact a trusted roofing professional to set up your roof maintenance program. At PRQ Exteriors, our dedicated crew will make sure your roof stays in top condition all year round. Contact us today for a complimentary roof evaluation and to chat with one of our specialists on how your home or business can benefit from a roof maintenance program. 

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