Prepare Your Home For Hail Season

When Colorado’s Nature Strikes

You hear the thunder, you see the lightning, and now, all of a sudden, you can hear the hail hitting your home. Storm damage is a major hassle for all homeowners, but we have tips and tricks to help you prepare for hail season in Colorado.

Hail Damage Repair Denver

Repair Roof Damage As Soon As Possible

This might seem obvious, but existing holes or damages to your roof will only become worse with each storm. By fixing any problems that you have with your roof before a storm, you strengthen your foundation and your chances that a minor impairment doesn’t turn into a critical issue. Be sure to contact PRQ Exteriors to schedule an inspection.

Trim Your Trees and Other Bushes

One major problem that people face during big storms are tree branches breaking off the trunk and causing extensive damage to their home. It’s good practice to trim all branches that are directly over your house if possible, as well as weak or dead branches that could easily fall off. Shrubbery and other bushes also pose a threat to your windows if they become loose, so keeping those tightly trimmed is also a great idea.

Secure Outdoor Furniture

Like the trees, outdoor furniture, such as tables or lawn chairs, can cause huge problems if they are swept up in a strong gust of wind. Putting these items in a garage, shed, or storage unit during bad weather is your best bet to avoid any possible problems. 

Maintain Your Gutters and Drainpipes

Your gutters and drainpipes are key in making sure your roof is able to drain the excess water from a storm, so these being clogged could present major problems. Cleaning these regularly can help you avoid various issues that come from nasty weather, such as flooding or water damage.

Protecting Your Windows

Windows can be shattered from a number of things that occur during a storm. Closing the windows and the blinds or drapes will help you contain any broken glass that may occur. In a similar vein, you will also want to stay as far away from windows as possible to avoid broken glass.

Staying Informed on the Weather

Lastly, make sure you are staying up to date on any possible storm is very important. Knowing that a storm is approaching will help you take the best steps to be as safe as possible during these storms.

Free Hail Damage Inspection

After a hail storm, we recommend contacting PRQ Exteriors for a free hail damage inspection. If there is no damage, the inspection will leave you with peace of mind knowing that your property is risk free. If there is damage, we will work with you and your insurance company to customize a solution for your property.

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