A Quick Guide to New Construction Roofing 

New construction roofing is a critical component of completing any new build. While the term of "new construction roofing" is sometimes used interchangeably with a roof replacement, the process of adding a brand-new roof is different than replacing an old roof. 

PRQ Exteriors employs experienced roofing professionals that have a thorough understanding and know-how of new construction roofing. When you are in the market for new construction roofing, look no further than our trusted contractors. To match you with the roofing service you need, let's look at the basics of new roof construction.

New Roof Construction vs. Roofing Replacements

New roof construction is an essential part of getting a new home. Although the end result is the same as a roof replacement, it does vary from the traditional replacement route. 

Replacing a roof requires there to be an existing structure to replace. This process can be completed by tearing off the old roof for replacement. Contractors utilizing the tear-off method will altogether remove the existing pieces of the roof. Your replacement can also be overlaid on top of the existing structure. Those completing an overlay will lay new shingles on existing ones to create a new roof. 

While both these processes end in a new roof, they vary from new construction. 

Differences with New Construction Roofing

This process involves designing a roofing structure for a newly constructed home or commercial space. When building a home or commercial space, the job will require new construction roofing contractors to install the roof's framework, underlayment, and covering."¯ 

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Colorado condominium roofing maintenance program
Colorado condominium roofing maintenance program

Things to Consider with New Roofing

You will also need to provide design specifications for your roofing. This process involves determining what type of material to use, the pitch of the building, and other vital components that you will need to consider."¯ 

New home or business construction involves tons of research, planning, decision making, and consultation with those completing the various structures in your home."¯Your new roof should fit within the overall design of your home or business space. Trusted professionals can create seamless designs and complete your project within your scope and budget.

Choosing the Best Materials for Your Location

When initially starting your project, you must look into the best construction and roofing materials for your area. The climate and zoning specifications will influence what types of materials you can use on your new construction. 

Style, Color, and Overall Quality

Once you have a list of acceptable materials to use, you will need to determine which variations will suit your new home. Analyze the pros and cons of your potential materials' various styles, colors, maintenance needs, and overall quality. That is critical to do before you make a final decision on how you want your new roof to be built. 

New Roofing Construction Types

When you are building your new home or office space, roofing might be an afterthought for you, but it is an essential part of creating a space that suits your needs. You might not have previously considered roofing options, but there are plenty available and new choices that are becoming popular. It is essential that you know what is available to make an informed choice about your project. Let's explore some of the new roof construction types. 

Roofing for New Homes and Commercial Buildings

New homes and commercial buildings need a roof to be finished. It is a critical step in completing a job. PRQ Exteriors has decades of combined experience in completing new construction roofing projects. Whether you are building a new housing unit or business, our experienced professionals can help you get your roofing done right. We are able to complete different types of roofing construction with today's most popular materials. 

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingled roofs are by far the most popular type of roofing in the country. It is estimated that"¯over 75 percent"¯of all roofing projects are outfitted with asphalt roofing. The widely used roofing material is affordable and durable, which makes it ideal for new construction projects. These shingles are typically constructed of organic material or fiberglass. They also come in three-tab shingles and architectural-style shingles, the former being the more basic of the two varieties. 

If you are looking for standard roofing, asphalt shingles are the way to go. PRQ Exteriors has extensive experience in installing new asphalt roofing. We assist hundreds of clients every year in establishing their new construction asphalt roof.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for new construction projects. While not as traditionally common as the asphalt variety, metal roofs are gaining traction in the roofing market. The reason being their highly durable and economic attributes. These roofs can effectively shed inclement weather like snow and ice. They also last far longer than their asphalt counterparts and are seen as more environmentally friendly. 

Commercial Roofing (EPDM, TPO, and more!)

The only money coming out of your pocket should be your insurance deductible. The deductible is the money the insurance company requires you to pay before they cover the remaining costs. The deductible will be paid directly to your contractor to perform repairs. You should be aware of your deductible before any damage occurs. It is essential to read through the insurance policies before deciding to work with an insurance company. If the deductible is too high, you may want to consider switching insurance companies.  

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Things to Expect from a New Construction Roofing Project

Just like the rest of the property, more goes into roofing than simply completing the structure. It would help if you also considered a few things when getting started. Projects take time to design, build and implement. The planning stages of the project are especially vital to getting the roof you are looking for. It is also critical that you complete the initial preparation to ensure your project runs smoothly and remember that new construction roofing requires permits and inspections. 

New Roof Construction Requires Permits and Inspections

Many homeowners who are building a house for the first time are likely not familiar with the regulatory components of a new build. The process requires getting all permits, licenses, and inspections before construction starting on your new project. 

The regulatory piece of the equation is one more reason that hiring the right professional for the job is so critically important. Experienced local contractors understand regional regulations and compliance measures that need to be taken before construction. PRQ has a thorough understanding of precisely what permits and regulatory actions you need to take before construction commences. 

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Choosing the Best New Construction Roofing Contractor

When it comes down to choosing the best new construction roofing contractor, experience counts. However, you want to find a contractor who is experienced and experienced in your specific area of new construction roofing. That is why PRQ Exteriors remains a popular choice for area residents. We have a wide range of expertise and can provide expert new construction roofing services that are sure to meet your needs. 

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