Identifying When Your Building Needs Roof or Gutter Repairs

When your property sustains damage due to weather, fallen tree limbs, or one of the many other common causes, it is important to know exactly where your property was damaged and what the extent of the damage is. Although your roof can sustain many different types of damage, there are a few key types of damage that are more likely than others. Today the PRQ Exteriors team is going to walk you through the three biggest types of roofing damage and signs to watch for.

Keep reading below to learn more and always remember that if you suspect any of the damage described below, we recommend calling a professional contractor like the team at PRQ Exteriors immediately to appropriately evaluate the problem.

Roofing Leaks

A leaky roof is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we you hear the phrase roofing damage. A leaky roof is a major problem to watch for and something that should be taken care of at the first warning sign. However, not all signs are as obvious as a drip from the ceiling, a few additional warning signs to watch for include:

  • Water spots on your ceiling or walls
  • Wet roof decking
  • Buckling or missing shingles

If you think you have a roofing leak, call a professional as soon as possible to evaluate and repair the damage before it worsens.

Water Pooling

Water can very easily accumulate on your roof if your gutters and drains are not functioning properly. Water pooling or accumulation can lead to major issues for your entire building including leaks, mold, and even ceiling collapse.

Prevent water from pooling on your roof by regularly cleaning your gutters and drains to allow them to properly divert water from your property.

Damaged and Missing Shingles

If you notice damaged or missing shingles on your property, don’t ignore the issue. Even just one damaged or missing shingle opens your building or home up to a host of other issues including:

  • Wild animals nesting in your attic
  • Mold, mildew, and leaks
  • Foreign objects penetrating your roofing deck

Pay attention to any noticeable changes to your roofing system and don’t forget to inspect your roof after major storms as that is when your roof is most susceptible to shingle damage and loss.

Keep in mind that the above list is not a complete guide to the extent of possible roofing damage and there are many sources of potential roofing problems. If you suspect your roof has damage, contact the PRQ Exteriors team to schedule a free inspection. We will send one of our experts out to inspect your property, assess the extent of any damage found, and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan. Call us today at 303-214-0703.

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