How to Finance a Roof Repair or Replacement

Your roof is the most expensive maintenance item on your home. Yet, it is the area most homeowner this about the least. So, when roof maintenance is needed its often expensive and unexpected. In this article, we’ll discuss how PRQ Exteriors can help you minimize the burden of this expense and deliver a new roof without breaking the bank (or the law)!

Roofing Projects Can Be Expensive

Here is how PRQ Exteriors helps homeowners with large deductibles and, specifically, how we compete with other insurance companies who claim they can reduce or refund the homeowners’ insurance deductiblecalled “eating the deductible.”

From time to time we hear from homeowners who are talking with a contractor who's playing slimy, sleazy and frankly illegal games with insurance deductibles.

Even though eating deductibles is illegal and fraudulent, some contractors still do it to win your business.

4 Ways PRQ Exteriors Helps Homeowners With Large Deductibles

1) Actual Cash Value Payments

At PRQ Exteriors, our roofing pros have conversations with homeowners every day about using ACV payments, or actual cash value payments, from things like siding, window wraps, garage doors, and even a fence and the mailbox, to offset their deductible.

What does this mean? Hail storms often cause cosmetic damage to gutters, siding, garage doors and fences.

These items are included in the insurance claim, but if the homeowner chooses not to repair these items, this ACV reimbursement can offset some of your insurance deductible.

This is a really common, and perfectly legal, strategy that can help homeowners compensate for their deductible.

The only downside to this is if a homeowner takes the actual cash value payment and just pockets it, these home items are no longer insured.

2) Finance The Deductible

This option is pretty obvious. You have a $2,500 or $5,000 deductible. PRQ Exteriors offers financing and we can easily finance the amount of your deductible.

Or, the homeowner may chose to finance the deductible using another vessel, such as a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), FHA Loan, personal load or credit card.

Regardless, of the loan type this option is very common and PRQ Exteriors can help you.

3) Finance The Full Project Cost

Let’s say the homeowner has a $20,000 loss, for example, with a $5,000 deductible.

Instead of talking about eating the deductible or contributing towards it somehow (which again, is fraudulent and illegal), with PRQ Exteriors the homeowner can finance the full $20,000 project cost. So, we’d say “Hey Mr. homeowner, the $15,000 that you will be collecting from the insurance company – that’s tax free money, that you could keep.”

Using this path, PRQ Exteriors can get you a brand new roof. We finance the full project cost and the homeowner has a small monthly investment.

The homeowner will take all of the insurance money and pocket it to use for whatever they want. Buying a new car. A kitchen remodel. Paying off higher interest credit card debt. Saving for a big fun vacation. It's money the homeowner can use for anything at all.

Call PRQ Exteriors, (303) 214-0703, to discuss the financing vessels, partners, and packages at your disposal.

4) Upgrade To A Roof With GAF Solar

Strategy #4 is more advanced and not for everyone, but makes the roof even more affordable.

Again, let’s say the homeowner has a $20,000 roof with a $5,000 deductible. Using strategy #4, the homeowner would:


  • finance the full project cost, including the roof and GAF Energy shingle.
  • pocket 100% of the insurance money.
  • receive the added-value to their home that comes from upgrading to a GAF Energy shingle.
  • benefit from state and federal tax credits related to solar upgrades.
  • have access to solar energy financing vessels with longer terms and lower interest rates.
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Want to know how much it would cost to repair or replace your roof?

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