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Purchasing a new roof is an exciting, but daunting task. A new roof isn’t a disposable item, it is an investment that will likely be a fixture of your home for many years to come. That being the case, you want to ensure that you choose the perfect color shingles for your roof.

To help guide you through the shingle selection process, the PRQ Exteriors team has come up with a list of five tips for you to follow. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Consider Your Climate

Did you know that the color of the shingles on your roof can have an affect on your heating and cooling bill? Light shingles deflect light and help to keep homes cooler in warmer climates. In cooler climates, dark shingles absorb heat, helping to keep homes warm.

Coordinate with Your Home

When choosing a roof, you want to think about the overall look and feel of your home. Your roof should provide contrast from the exterior siding of your home, while complementing your shutters, front door, and accent colors. For example, depending on the shutter, front door, and accent colors on your home, a light grey siding matches well with grey, black, green, blue, or white roof shingles.

Single Colors vs. Blends

When selecting a shingle color, you may be under the impression that you are selecting a single color shingle for the roof of your house. That is not always the case. Shingles also come in color blends. Color blends typically fuse different shades of similar colors (think multiple shades of brown or grey) together to create beautiful combinations. Blended colors work best when the siding of your house is a single color, while single colors work better if there are multiple shades – think stone or brick exteriors.

Think About Your Neighborhood

Do you have a Homeowners Association that has restrictions on your roofing? If so, be sure to take those restrictions into account before you begin looking, you don’t want to fall in love with a color just to be told no! If you don’t have an HOA, consider the roofs around you and the architectural feel of the neighborhood. You want to choose a shingle that complements your neighborhood without matching it exactly.

Try Before You Buy

Once you have narrowed your shingle selection down, request samples from your contractor or the manufacturer. Compare the shingles to your siding, brick, and shutters to see what the shingles look like with the rest of the house. Test the samples at different times of day, in different lighting to get a real sense of each color combination.

If you are thinking about replacing your roof, call the PRQ Exteriors team with any questions you have. We have installed hundreds of roofs and have seen every color combination under the sun. We know what works and what does not and are here to help you create your dream home. Call us today at 303-214-0703.

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