Four Tips for Leaks

Four Things You Should Ask about Leaks

You have likely found yourself in this all too common position before. You’re sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon and storm clouds start to roll in. You settle in on the couch with a book and a cup of tea, eager for a rainy day. The rain starts to fall and your cozy afternoon at home is suddenly ruined when you hear the pitter patter of water beginning to drip down on your living room floor.

As you grab a bucket to catch the water and pull out your computer to search for roofers in your area, you wonder how the leak started in the first place. There are many things that you probably don’t realize about leaky roofs and the PRQ Exteriors team is here to set the record straight for you. Keep reading below for four facts you might not know about leaky roofs.

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1. Rain doesn’t fall straight down

The direction of the wind influences the angle that rain falls down. When winds are strong enough, they can force rain to blow under loose or bent shingles. Regularly inspecting your roof and replacing damaged shingles will help prevent water from making its way under them.

2. Leaks start with a weakened roof

You might not associate hot, sunny weather with a leaky roof, but that is often when damage to your roof occurs. When it is hot out, any leftover moisture on your roof is going to be dried out by the sun and this can cause damage to your roof. As the sun repeatedly hits the same spot, your roof can soften, becoming weaker and weaker in that spot. Rain or hail can then easily puncture or tear this weakened point on your roof, creating a leak.

3. The hole might not be directly above the leak

If you notice a leak in the master suite, you would probably assume that that is where the source of the leak is, but that is not always the case. People often don’t realize that water can actually travel from the source to a totally different part of your house. While the leak is in the master suite the source could be across the hall in your child’s room. If you notice a leak, call a professional to help assess the damage and find the source or sources.

4. Preventative maintenance is key

Preventing damage to your roof is easier and less costly than repairing or replacing it. To prevent leaks before they start make to regularly inspect your roof for damage after storms. You also want to keep your gutters clear and act quickly on repairing damage you find.

The next time you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a leaky ceiling, don’t delay fixing the problem. Call the team at PRQ Exteriors and we will send one of our experts out to assess the damage, find the source, and get to work repairing your roof immediately.

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PRQ exteriors commercial residential roofing Denver, CO

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