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Should you find yourself facing the worst this hail season, the PRQ Exteriors team wants you to have a unique and delightful experience replacing your roof. Review your guide below for the five most important aspects to take into consideration when hiring a roofing contractor.

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Will My Insurance Cover My Roof?

When it comes to dealing with your insurance company for any sort of property repair, the process can be daunting. Are you wondering if your insurance will cover the cost of the damages? Contact us now to find out if your property is cover.

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PRQ Exteriors handles the complete insurance process for your property. This removes you from the appointments and headaches of dealing with the insurance companies. Allow us to help you de-stress from the frustration of property damage. Our team eases the process and enhances your home with a new roof. Call us today at 303.214.0703 and we can start helping you customize the roof of your dreams.

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