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It is late spring in Colorado, which means we are knee deep in spring storm season. Spring storms often bring with them damaging hail and winds, leaving Colorado property owners with extensive repairs.

After major storms, it is common to see unqualified contractors often referred to as storm chasers going to door-to-door in a neighborhood searching for business. Be extremely wary of this practice and know that legitimate contractors do not conduct business in this manner.

Should you find yourself facing the worst this season, the PRQ Exteriors team wants you to know how to select a contractor to do your repairs.

Both small and large hailstones can create soft spots in a building’s exterior that can be hard to detect. If left untreated the damage to your building’s exterior can lead to damage on the interior, meaning lengthier and more costly repairs.

When it comes to dealing with your insurance company for any sort of property repair, the process can be daunting. Be sure to schedule an inspection prior to filing a claim with your insurance provider.

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Keep It Local

The storm chasers often watch for severe weather and travel from across the country in the attempt to defraud home and property owners. Make sure that the contractor you select has the documentation to prove they are licensed and insured in Colorado.

Roofing Contractor Checklist

If your home has been damaged by severe weather, understanding the process can ensure the protection of your home and proper replacement of your roof. Download our checklist to learn the most important aspects when selecting your contractor.

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