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If you're looking for quality and long-lasting roofing solutions for your multi-family property or apartment complex, you've come to the right place. PRQ is a family-run business with a stellar reputation for success; we have been serving the greater Denver area since 2014.   

We offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients in Colorado. We've worked with homeowners, landlords, and property developers, delivering reliable and efficient roofing services across the region. For a more detailed overview of our multi-family and apartment roofing services, review the sections below or call (303) 214-0703 to speak with one of our roofing experts.

Roofing Services for Apartments and Multi-Unit Buildings  

PRQ's team of experienced contractors can take on any roof replacement and repair jobs quickly and efficiently while getting it right the first time. Our knowledge of best practices and appropriate guidelines for multi-family roofing systems stems from working side-by-side with property management companies and homeowner's associations.

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Repairs and Replacement  

Real estate has always been a great investment, which is why it's crucial to take good care of it. When it comes to valuing townhouses, condos, apartments, or any other multi-family property, the quality of the roof can make a big difference.   

PRQ has a superb record of providing outstanding, cost-efficient roof repair and replacement services for all types of multi-family roofing in Colorado. Our exceptional workmanship and time-tested methods are guaranteed to give a big boost to the overall value of your property and keep your residents safe and happy.  

Proactive Maintenance    

A well-kept roof is critical in preserving the integrity of a building, whether it's a townhouse, condominium, duplex, apartment, or any other multi-family building. Your roof can't be allowed to deteriorate; regular and preventive maintenance is your best defense against roof leaks, the formation of dangerous mold, interior water damage, or any other issues that can compromise your roof's integrity and service life.  

Our certified inspection services are designed to thoroughly assess your roof to spot any issues so they can be fixed before they lead to much more prominent and costlier problems.  

The Needs of Multi-Family and Apartment Roofing  

Managing multi-family complex roofing can be more demanding compared to single-family homes. As an owner or property manager, you're going to need to address a variety of challenges such as: 

  • Minimizing repair and maintenance disruptions for tenants living under one roof with a shared wall 
  • Developing a comprehensive roofing maintenance plan while managing several properties at once
  • Maintaining a consistent look among the roofing of your structures

Our extensive experience in handling multi-family homes means that we work quickly, efficiently, and with minimal disruptions to you and your tenants. We work side-by-side with managers and owners in developing complete roofing maintenance plans to ensure your roof stays in good shape.  

We are certified by leading manufacturers such as GAF and Owens Corning and get all of our materials directly from their factories. This ensures that we'll maintain consistency throughout all your roofing structures.

This company was very professional and I would highly recommend them. They were very easy to work with, in terms of all paperwork, as well as communicating well, and getting the job done efficiently. The roof color they recommended was perfect. The quality of work was done to a high standard and we couldn’t be happier with how the whole process went. Thank you PRQ for such good service!

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Keep Your Tenants Safe and Protected

As a landlord or property manager, one of your essential responsibilities is to promote safety for tenants in your property. Roof damage oversights have caused countless headaches for landlords and tenants alike. Roof leaks and other complications can cause heavy property damage. To ensure tenant safety and avoid potential legal situations, managers and property owners should ally with a reliable roofing company that can act immediately during emergencies.   

PRQ has worked closely with landlords and managers, providing complete solutions to any roofing problems fast. We understand that roofing emergencies can strike at any moment. Severe weather can cause unexpected critical damages that can result in unhappy and unsafe tenants. 

We work fast, offering 24/7 Emergency Services with rapid response times. You can be sure that we'll be there in a timely manner when you need us most. Give us a call at (303) 214-0703 for emergency repairs done quickly and efficiently.

Installing an Apartment Roofing System

Proper roofing is crucial if you want to successfully protect anyone and anything inside your multi-family property. When installed correctly, a multi-family roofing system can last for decades with minimal repairs while providing ideal protection. Our experienced roofers can take care of any maintenance or roof replacement projects, providing your valuable investments with a roofing system guaranteed to last.

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Multi-Family and Apartment Roofing Inspections  

Professional roofing inspections can reveal the exact condition of your multi-family or apartment roofing. A certified and trained roof inspector can spot any issues quickly and reliably. It is essential for property owners and managers to keep up with regular roof inspections so that any roof damage can be discovered as early as possible so that it can be addressed before it's too late.   

We perform professional roof inspections to document any existing deteriorations, impairments, and damages. We also conduct inspections to assess the extent of sudden storm damages so you can file an insurance claim.  

Different Roofing Materials for Multi-Family Housing

Multi-family housing units routinely go for flat roofs or low slopes. Because of how far technology has come, you now have more options than ever when choosing a roof installation method for your buildings. When it comes to roofing components, almost any type of material can be used in multi-family complexes.   

Some of our roofing options include:   

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing   
  • Metal Roofing  
  • Flat Roofing  
  • Tile Roofing  
  • TPO Roofing   
  • Roof Coatings   
  • Foam Roofing  


Storm Restoration and Hail Damage

Your roof is a crucial piece of your multi-family property. It keeps those who are inside it safe and secure, especially during inclement weather events. You want to make sure that it remains in top working condition, not only for your tenant's satisfaction but for their safety as well. After any severe weather, always consult with a roofing expert to thoroughly inspect your multi-family complexes for storm damage. If the damages are costly, you'll need the report to file for an insurance claim.   

Suppose a recent hailstorm has compromised your multi-family roof, and you're unsure of the extent of the damages. In that case, it's time to bring in our professional and certified inspectors to assess the condition of your multi-family roof thoroughly. We assist landowners and managers in property insurance claims so that they can focus more on the other aspects of managing their property.   

PRQ has been restoring multi-family homes and apartments in the Greater Denver area for nearly a decade. We know how best to prioritize client needs, whatever the situation and no matter how severe. We'll get your tenants back in their homes in no time. 

Emergency Roofing Solutions for your Apartment or Multi-Family Housing

We know how quickly unexpected natural disasters can strike in Colorado. We made it our commitment to being there whenever you need us. Our well-trained roofers are always ready to perform emergency services to your multi-family property roof.   

Get in touch with us to schedule a complimentary roof evaluation today! Either call us at (303) 214-0703 or fill out the contact form below.

When you work with PRQ Exteriors, you are getting experienced and trained professionals. You'll have peace of mind knowing the job was done right the first time by roofing contractors that you trust. Call us today at (303) 214-0703 for quality roofing and exterior services.

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