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6 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

At PRQ Exteriors, we don’t just work with residential clients, we also work with a wide variety of commercial businesses. When working with our commercial clients, we often hear business owners say that they didn’t realize they had to worry about leaks and damage to their commercial buildings the same way they do their homes. Although typical commercial flat roofing is fairly durable, that doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to damage. Today we’re exploring the most common causes behind commercial roof leaks. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Improper Drainage

It is very easy for snow and water to collect on flat commercial roofs without proper drainage in place. Be sure to work with a licensed contractor to install a proper drainage system from the beginning and regularly inspect your roof for standing water.

Rooftop Penetrations

It is impossible to avoid all rooftop penetrations. Penetrations such as HVAC equipment, vents, and exhaust fans are all necessary for your building. However, when designing your building try to avoid unnecessary penetrations as they are a common source of leaks.

Rooftop Units

Improperly sealed rooftop HVAC units are a major source of roof leaks. Talk to your contractor about proper sealing techniques, watch for erosion, and resealed as necessary.

Exterior Walls and Facades

Property owners are often under the impression that all leaks start from a hole in the roof, but this is a common misconception. Cracks in exterior walls and exposed masonry are likely culprits of leaks as well, but unfortunately they are difficult to detect. If you have mysterious leaking and you have been having trouble finding a hole in the roof, consider these other sources.

Rooftop Utilization

Flat commercial roofs often receive much more usage than residential roofs. Repairmen often need access to a commercial roof to repair HVAC equipment or wash windows. Their footsteps and tools can easily cause damage to your roof.

Human Error and Poor Craftsmanship

Human error and poor craftsmanship are two of the leading causes of roof leaks. Improper installation of roofing materials and faulty sealing techniques are usually the main causes. Although human error is never completely preventable, be sure to work with a reputable contractor and ask to speak with previous clients.

Protect your business by protecting your property. Carefully monitor your building for damage and perform regular inspections after storms. Remember that keeping your commercial property in top shape is an investment in your business. If you suspect a leak or other damage, call the PRQ Exteriors team to schedule a free inspection and we will send one of our commercial property experts out to assess your building as soon as possible!

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