A Brief Guide to Metal Roofing

It's tempting to think that metal roofs are only for industrial buildings or warehouses, but in reality, metal roofing is a well-known and proven choice, capable of lasting for decades and protecting your home against the elements.

In recent years, metal roofing has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners across the United States - and for good reason. More and more people are realizing the benefits of metal roofing's longer lifespan, incredible durability, superior energy efficiency, and stylish looks. Read on to learn more about how metal roofing can benefit your home with the help of a professional installation.

What is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is simply any roofing design that uses metal for roofing materials instead of asphalt shingles or clay tiles. It differs from other roofing types in that metal is inherently more durable, fire-resistant, and reflective, which makes it more energy efficient than the alternatives. Metal roofing is available in various textures and styles, including metal shingles and metal panels, and there are plenty of coloring options available to suit any home aesthetic!

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What Kinds of Metal Roofing Exists?

While metal roofing is offered in nearly countless varieties for a range of business and residential needs, there are a few common types you've likely seen yourself. The three primary differences between metal roofs are the material they're made of, how that material is treated, and the construction methods that they're installed with. The most common metal roofing materials are tin, aluminum, steel, and copper. There are also several types of metal roofing, including standing seam roofing, which is made from metal roofing panels, or metal shingling that can be painted to resemble the regular asphalt alternative.

Tin Roofing

Despite the name, tin roofs are made from rolled steel and then coated with a layer of tin to make the roof surface more durable and less resistant to cracking over time. This makes tin roofs an excellent choice for sunny climates. The expected lifespan of tin roofing is at least 40 years, and they're typically made from a percentage of recycled materials, making them more sustainable than some other roofing styles.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum roofing is one of the most energy-efficient metal roofing styles and is also considered one of the most durable types. Aluminum does an excellent job of reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing it, keeping your home cool and your energy bill low. These roofs have a proven reputation of lasting at least 40 years, with the majority of them still going strong long past that benchmark.

Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is typically available in 3 common types: galvalume, galvanized, and weathering steel. Out of these 3 types, galvanized steel is the most common due to its superior durability and rust resistance. These types of steel roofs are also resistant to shrinking, cracking, and natural erosion, making them a perfect choice for a long-term investment. Like other kinds of metal roofing, steel roofing is available in panels, like a standing seam metal roof, or shingles, all in various colors and finishes.

Copper Roofing

Few finishes can match the natural beauty of a copper roof. Known for its aesthetic value and curb appeal, copper can also provide increased fire resistance and has been known to last over 60 years if properly maintained. Copper has been used for centuries as a top-quality roofing material. It ages well, and the relative softness of the metal allows it to be tooled easily and reduces the noise that metal roofing can sometimes produce during storms.

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Pros and Cons to Metal Roofing

Choosing to switch to a metal roofing system can be considered an investment due to the relatively higher cost of the material and the extended lifespan for which these roofs are known. Before deciding to make that investment for your home, take a moment to weigh the pros and cons of metal roofs to determine whether they're worth your time and money.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Asphalt shingles and clay tiles have long been a standard for roofing systems throughout the country, but metal roofing is becoming more and more common throughout the United States as homeowners grow increasingly aware of the many benefits a metal roof system can offer. Metal roofs are far tougher and more durable than other roofing styles. They provide unmatched energy efficiency, are made from sustainably sourced materials, and can be coated and painted to match any style you can imagine!

Superior Durability

Metal roofs last, on average, 2 to 3 times as long as roofs made with asphalt shingles. When you invest in a new metal roof, you can expect it to stay solid and reliable for at least 50 to 80 years, depending on the type of metal! Additionally, metal roofing panels and shingles are low maintenance because they're so durable, so you don't have to shell out for as much repair work over the years. All of this adds up to increased savings and more peace of mind.

Increased Energy-Efficiency

Even if you don't invest in a reflective coating, metal roofing naturally blocks heat and reflects sunlight rather than absorbs it. This means that your home stays cooler in the summer months, boosting your energy efficiency and reducing your A/C and energy costs in a way that an existing roof made from asphalt shingles can't do. Additional coatings can be painted onto a metal roof to make your home even more energy-efficient!

Sustainable Materials

Metal roofing is much more sustainable than other traditional forms of roofing. Most of the metal material used can be completely recycled at the end of its lifespan, so when you replace your old roof, you lower your ecological footprint at the same time! Standard roofing materials like asphalt shingles can't be recycled as easily and don't come from a sustainable source.

Stylish Appearance

Whether you opt for metal shingles or metal panels, countless style and customization options are available to suit your home's unique aesthetic. From specialized coatings, paints, and even construction methods like standing seam, corrugated, ribbed, or shingle-style offerings, metal roofing can blend right in with your home or stand out and make a statement. The choice is yours!

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Metal Roofing Drawbacks

Metal roofing offers dozens of unique benefits, but there are a few potential drawbacks to consider when deciding whether they're the right choice for your home. Metal roofing can be relatively expensive compared to other roofing options, though we believe that you get what you pay for. Additionally, if your area gets a lot of heavy rain or severe weather, you should be aware that metal roofing can be noisier than other types of roofing options.

Large Upfront Costs

The metal material used in most forms of metal roofing has some of the highest average costs per square footage of any roofing material - something you may wish to consider, especially if you're dealing with a larger roof size. The installation costs are relatively similar to other types of roofing material, but if you're investing in a new roof, the material costs can add up.

Metal Roofing Can Be Noisy in the Elements

Modern engineering and design have largely reduced how noisy metal roofs can be when exposed to heavy rain, winds, and severe weather, but they haven't entirely eliminated them. Generally, a metal roof is noisier than its asphalt-shingled or clay-tiled counterparts, but not drastically so. All the same, if you're looking for a completely soundproof home, metal roofing may not be the option for you.   

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