Best Time of Year for Roof Replacement

Most roofs, especially modern ones, are engineered to last for decades. Tough, durable materials combined with high-quality construction methods result in a roof that you can rely on to protect your home from the elements for the long haul. However, no matter how tough your roofing materials are or how well they've been installed, every roof needs to be replaced sooner or later - especially if you have an old roof in a state of disrepair.

A roof replacement is a substantial project that requires some pre-planning before you start ripping out shingles. Part of the planning process is deciding what time of year you want to schedule the work. There are several pros and cons for each season, which can make it difficult to truly know when the best time to get a roofing replacement is. In this brief guide, we'll examine some pros and cons and provide our professional recommendation on the best time of year to get a roof replacement.

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Which Season is Best to Hire Roofers?

Since roofing projects take place primarily outdoors, most roofing contractors break the year up into the primary seasons when scheduling and planning for their work. Winter is typically the slowest time of year for roofing companies due to the challenges posed by inclement weather, and summer or fall tend to be the busiest. Ultimately, there is no true "right time" to tackle a roofing project since every season brings its own challenges, but there is a "best time" to get the work done. Read on to learn more about how each season can affect your roofing project.

Winter (Slow Time for Roofers)

The winter months are often considered the worst time to start a roofing project, and most contractors aim to get their work wrapped up before the first snowfall of the year. Cold and inclement weather slow the process and can even halt it entirely in a particularly bad winter.

Some roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, can't even be installed in cold temperatures, giving homeowners little choice but to wait for spring. The only potential benefit to winter roofing work is that some roofing companies offer potentially lower prices to make up for the slowdown in business, but that benefit is rarely worth the effort and hassle of scheduling a roofing project in the wintertime.

Spring (Busier Time for Roofers)

Once the snow melts and the ground starts to thaw, roofing contractors start to ease into the beginning of the busy season. Cooler temperatures are easier for roofers to work in, and spring's typically clearer weather offers more time to get projects done.

Additionally, prices aren't yet as high as they will be once the busy season is in full swing. The downside to scheduling a roofing project in spring is that the season's notoriously unpredictable weather can delay or halt a project for days or weeks. For this reason, many homeowners wait until early summer, at the least, before committing to a new project.

Summer (Busiest Time for Roofers)

Summer brings us to the middle of the busy season - with school out, some homeowners have more time to handle the details of roof repair or replacement, and the season's more predictable weather makes it a popular time to schedule a roofing project.

However, while summer typically has more reliably good weather than winter or spring, severe weather can strike at any time. Even if the skies stay clear, higher temperatures can slow the roofing process down since workers have to take more frequent breaks to keep from overheating. Prices are also approaching their peak, which leads many to put off their projects until late summer or fall.

Fall (Busiest Time for Roofers)

Fall is a great time to start and finish most roofing projects, which also makes it the busiest time of the year for most roofing contractors. The clear and mild weather is still warm enough to install every kind of roofing material, including shingles and tile, while the cooler temperatures make the work itself much easier and more efficient. It's also an ideal time to repair any damage your roof may have suffered from summer storms and ensure your home is ready for winter.

Roofer Availability Can Be a Big Factor in Your Decision

Depending on the season and the weather, some times of the year can be incredibly busy for roofers, meaning it may be more challenging to get your project scheduled or more expensive compared to slower months.

It's possible that your preferred roofing contractor could be unavailable during the busy season due to the large volume of work, so you may have to settle for the only open dates on your contractor's calendar.

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What Weather Considerations are Important for Roof Replacement?

One of the biggest factors that decides the best time of year for roof installation, repair, or replacement is seasonal weather conditions. Roofing is entirely reliant on daily weather, from recommended temperature and humidity levels for product installation to crew comfort and accessibility.

Temperature for the Crew and Materials

As we mentioned earlier, certain roofing materials (asphalt shingles in particular) cannot be installed below a specific air temperature. This is because, in cold temperatures, the adhesive can fail to take hold, and the shingles themselves can become brittle and more likely to break. This is also the case with extreme heat. Outside of material considerations, your roofing crew is going to be less effective in very hot or cold weather since they'll need to take more breaks outside of the elements to stay safe. Temperatures from 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for both materials and crew when it comes to roof replacement and installation.

Humidity Levels

Installing new roofing during times of extreme humidity can trap moisture inside your home, creating condensation, which can cause long-term mold and mildew damage. Moist climates can also cause difficulties with asphalt and its adhesives, not to mention making it harder and more uncomfortable for the crew doing the work. Aim to complete your roofing projects during a more reliably dry time of year.

Rain, Snow, and Hail Storms

While storms are unpredictable at long range, forms of inclement weather like rain, thunderstorms, or snow can pose serious challenges to any roofing project and should be accounted for while you're planning. These storms can cause roof damage no matter the season, and it's always critical to get repairs completed quickly to prevent more issues from developing!

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What Season is Considered the Best Time for a Roofing Project?

Ultimately, when you decide to schedule your roofing projects will come down to your availability, budget, and how far ahead you've planned. There are certain benefits to roofing in every season, so choosing the ideal time depends on your own priorities. However, there is one season in particular that most roofing contractors will admit is the ideal time to take care of your home roofing needs: Fall!

Fall Time is Typically the Best Season for Roofing

Fall is the best season to schedule your roofing projects, whether you need a new roof installed or just a few simple repairs done. The combination of clear, mild, and predictable weather makes it possible to install almost every kind of roofing material more efficiently than in the spring or summer. It's also the right time to get your roof inspected and make sure it's ready to tough out the incoming winter. While it may be a busier time of year for most roofing contractors, fall is by far the ideal time to tackle your roofing project, whatever it may be.

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