5 Roofing Maintenance Tips That Will Save You Money

Home ownership is a major milestone for many Americans and taking that step can be quite rewarding! With a big milestone, however comes big responsibility. As a homeowner you are now responsible for the upkeep of your property which can come at a large expense.

At PRQ Exteriors, we work with homeowners across the Denver Metro and a common mistake we see is that many clients delay repairs for months because of financial constraints. While we understand the upkeep of your Denver CO roof and home can be expensive, ignoring problems and failing to maintain your property will cost you more in the long run. Today, we are sharing 5 roofing maintenance tips that will save you money. Keep reading below for our advice!

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Regularly Inspect Your Roof

While it is important to have your Denver CO roof inspected annually by a professional, it is also important that you keep an eye on it throughout the year. This does not mean you need to take the ladder out every weekend and perform a thorough inspection – in fact we highly discourage doing so.

You see your roof everyday when you pull out of your driveway or are tossing a football in the yard. When you are out there, take a few minutes to give your roof a visual once over. Look for signs of algae or fungus growth, take note of any major changes of appearance, and look for any missing or damaged shingles.

Trim Trees Near Your Property

Tree limbs and other vegetation near your home can cause major damage as they grow. Broken tree limbs puncturing your shingles, debris cluttering your roof and clogging your drains, and the constant scraping of twigs against your shingles are all common pain points of overgrown vegetation. In order to mitigate this risk, try and keep all vegetation at least 5 feet from your home.

Act On Small Repairs

It can be tempting to put off minor repairs on your Denver CO roof to save a few dollars, but this is a mistake the PRQ Exteriors team hates to see our clients make. We understand that roof repair is expensive, but it is important to remember that small issues are never going to resolve themselves. Acting on small repairs as soon as they are discovered will save you a lot of money, and headaches, down the road.

Install Efficient Insulation and Ventilation

Proper insulation and ventilation for your Denver CO roof is imperative for ensuring proper roof function. Insulation and ventilation help to keep the warm air in and the cold air out respectively. When either one is not correctly installed it can cause your home to run inefficiently, leading to more expensive energy bills.

Listen for Strange Noises

Pay attention to any strange noises that you hear in your attic such as squeaking, tapping, and scratching. It is likely that these noises are not just your imagination, nor is your house haunted! More likely, you have critters such as mice or squirrels in your attic. You will want to remove the pests and eliminate their points of entry as soon as possible to avoid further issues.

If you suspect damage of any size on your Denver CO roof, don’t delay action any further! Call the team at PRQ Exteriors today to schedule your free roof inspection!

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